RVHS Weekly Newsletter

Thursday Feb. 11th

Message From The Principal

Hurt people, hurt people.

Take a moment to think about that. It is not a chant... it is a sentence. Valentine’s Day is full of kind words and gestures. Unfortunately, not everyday is Valentine’s Day. We hear about and witness so many unkind acts which occur around us. People saying mean things, making inappropriate gestures or being disrespectful. Sometimes we even use the term "bullying." In my experience, the root cause of most poor behavior is associated with a person feeling mistreated or disrespected and lashing out in response.

Sometimes the response is towards the original offender, but often the response is directed at an innocent victim. A child who has been scolded by a parent may lash out of a sibling. A student who feels ostracized by friends may get angry towards a parent or a teacher. The bottomline: hurt people, hurt people.

This week, I challenge all of us to take a deep breath when we will feel slighted or disrespected and consider the reason someone has treated us poorly. Rather than retaliating towards them or taking out our frustration at someone else, let's choose to forgive, let go, and break the cycle.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mr. D


With Presidents day on Monday remember there is no school tomorrow Friday Feb.12th or Monday Feb.15th!! Enjoy your long weekend!!

Mae C. Jemison

Mae C. Jemison is the first African American female astronaut. In 1992, she flew into space aboard the Endeavour, becoming the first African American woman in space. Before becoming an astronaut she used her knowledge and skills for others, as a volunteer in Cuba, Kenya, and a Cambodian Refugee Camp. She continued to give to others as the Peace Corps Chief Medical Officer for Sierra Leone and Liberia. The daughter of an Elementary School Teacher, upon retiring from NASA, became a professor at Dartmouth.

"Society should recognize how much both women and members of other minority groups can contribute if given the opportunity."
- Dr. Mae C. Jemison

Student Of The Week

Eve Vides Resendiz

Eve has been working extremely hard since she joined Rancho this semester. Eve is not one of those students that is satisfied with just "passing the class." It is clear to see that she has a tremendous work ethic, because she puts 100% into all of her assignments! Eve hasn't missed a Zoom meeting in my class and she has always had her camera on, even without me asking and offering extra credit. Eve, you stand out as an amazing student and I am super proud of you!

Employee Of The Week

Mr. David Tolbert

Dave Tolbert has been an RSP teacher at Rancho for four years. Mr. Tolbert previously taught in Oregon before making the move to California with his wife and two children. Dave has been a fantastic addition to the Rancho family. He is a calm and caring person who works well with all of the students on campus. His patience shows when leading IEP meetings, and helping students self-regulate during emotional episodes. Dave is a true resource to many of his peers and students. He is a problem solver, a skill he uses as Rancho’s Ipad coach. He serves on the school Coaching Leadership Team.

Mr. Tolbert is always willing to step up and has made himself an asset that many people rely on. He is an approachable person and always there for the students and staff when they need him. So, thank you Dave for your hard work and extra effort, it makes a difference. You are our Employee of the Week. Go ahead and enjoy a long weekend.

Birthdays To Celebrate

Jasmin Rico -- 2/11

Hannah Clayton -- 2/12

Kayden --2/13

Trista Tenney --2/17

Kylie Serna -- 2/18

Teachers Office Hours

Mondays will have two purposes:

1. Meeting with Coaching Classes

2. Getting help during teacher office hours

9:40-10:10 - Coaching Class

10:15-11:15.- Office Hour - Cooper / Webb / Eagleton / Trout

11:15-12:15 - Office hour - Medina / Krefft / Jereczek / Tolbert / Razukas

12:45-1:45. - Office Hour - Adkins / Cunningham / Gonzalez / Shanahan

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Library Hours

If you need to pick up or drop off books or a device to Ms.Cammie in the library please note the new hours she is on campus. Remember enter from the lower parking lot or bus loop and you need to wear a mask!! See picture below.

Monday 9-3

Tuesday 8-2

Wednesday 8-2

Thursday 9-3

No Fridays

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Lisa Sindermann

Secretary to Principal Tim Dignan and

Assistant Principal Tim Mann