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Week of December 14, 2020

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Principal Gutierrez's Message

Dear Henry Families,

This is our last week of school in 2020. To get into the holiday spirit, we have some fun spirit week activities planned. With us not able to celebrate the season together, this is one way we can help excite our students.

This week teachers will be completing grades for progress reports. Progress reports will be generated and mailed from CPS on December 18, 2020. Please be sure that your address is updated in Aspen if you have not received your report cards from 1st quarter. You can also see your child's progress within the Aspen parent portal.

As per the reopening guide, our administration and staff will be planning this week on the return models, teacher assignments and class rosters. On January 8th, we will share our overview of daily schedules with preschool families. For those preschool families who opted in or out, the new schedule will begin on January 11th. On January 18th, we will share the schedules for our K-8 families. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Stay Well,

Principal Gutierrez

What's In This Week's Henry Hawk News?

Henry Attendance Update

Reopening Plan CPS Link

Go CPS Application Extension

Henry Hawk Weekly Update Video

Henry Holiday Spirit Week

Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Maggie Garfinkel

Family Remote Learning Support

North River Commission Community Resources

Henry Attendance Update

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Henry School Overall Attendance: 94.21%. (Goal is to be above 95%)

Attendance by Grades as of 12/4/20

Kindergarten: 92.15%

1st Grade: 93.91%

2nd Grade: 94.11%

3rd Grade: 95.62%

4th Grade: 96.62%

5th Grade: 91.03%

6th Grade: 95.98%

7th Grade: 94.00%

8th Grade: 93.53%

Congratulations to our 4th Grade Students who have the highest attendance percentage to date!

Attendance for the Week 14: Overall 94.0%

Kindergarten: 94.47%

1st Grade: 90.67%

2nd Grade: 96.96%

3rd Grade: 97.36%

4th Grade: 95.56%

5th Grade: 89.80%

6th Grade: 97.22%

7th Grade: 91.91%

8th Grade: 91.20%

Congratulations to our 3rd Grade Students who have the highest attendance percentage for week 14!

Please remember to be online everyday during Remote Learning.

CPS Reopening

Please check out the CPS Reopening page to learn about the reopening plan.


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CPS has extended this year’s GoCPS application deadline from December 11, 2020, to January 8, 2021. This extension will help ensure that families have more time to submit their applications, participate in virtual open house events and admissions screenings, and complete testing for selective enrollment schools. Guidance will be forthcoming with any updates to the NWEA MAP winter assessment administration plan.

With this extension, online GoCPS applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on January 8 and paper applications must be postmarked no later than January 8. In addition, we are also reopening the process for requesting a CPS ID number until December 21, which families use to create an online GoCPS account for designated students. The specific notification date for elementary and high school results will be announced later this winter after the testing and admissions screening process concludes.

If you have questions or need assistance with the GoCPS application process, please contact the CPS Office of Access and Enrollment at gocps@cps.edu or 773-553-2060 on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Henry Hawk Weekly Update Videos

Each week we are broadcasting to our students on Monday mornings our Henry Hawk Weekly Update Video. Check out the Henry Hawk Weekly Update from last week.
Henry Hawk Weekly Update December 7, 2020

Henry Holiday Spirit Week December 14th-18th

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Counselor's Corner with Mrs. Garfinkel

Hello Henry Families,

The weather is getting colder, the days are shorter, there is less sunshine, and it feels like the pandemic has been going on forever. This winter is going to be a challenging time for everyone, but especially for your students. Below is an article for how to help your student during winter this year:


The article highlights the importance of getting outside, even if it’s cold, making sure your student is connecting with people, and not being so strict about screen time, especially if they are talking to friends.

Here is a video to help your student stay active throughout these cold months:


As a reminder, I want to make sure this information is meeting your needs, so please complete this survey as soon as you can:


If you ever need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. The best way to reach me is by email: mgarfinkel@cps.edu

Have great weekend,

Mrs. Garfinkel

Maggie Garfinkel, LPC, NCC

School Counselor

Henry Elementary School

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Family Remote Learning Support

Illinois State University College of Education: Remote Learning Resources for Families and Educators

Remote Learning Resources for Families and Educators

Illinois State University's College of Education has put together a series of resources and webinars to support educators, parents, and caregivers in remote learning. Their site is broken down into 10 considerations:

  1. Learning at Home
  2. Fostering Relationships
  3. Care & Caring Remotely
  4. Collaborating Online
  5. Supporting Emergent Bilinguals
  6. Grading Remotely
  7. Accessibly Learning
  8. Teaching Anti-Racist Pedagogy
  9. Leadership for Equity
  10. Students as Creators & Contributors

Check out their website for their schedule of webinars and to learn more: https://experienceliteracy.wixsite.com/remotelearning
Remote Learning Page on Henry Website

Learn how to get on Parent Portal, Google Email, Google Meets, Google Classroom. Click the link above.

CPS Family Tech Support Link

Need Technology support? CPS’ Information Technology Services team has created a single source online system for parents and students to get support for their technology devices or other technology related questions. Click the button above.

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Irish Community Services Free Citizenship and Immigration Resources

Irish Community Services has a number of free citizenship and immigration resources and offers all services for FREE and in Spanish and English.

  • Free Legal Consultation: ICS offers a 30-min Free Legal Clinic with an Immigration Lawyer to anybody who has immigration inquiries.
  • U.S. Citizenship Application and Classes: Irish Community Services offers free guidance on how to apply for U.S. Citizenship and, Classes and Preparation for the Naturalization Interviews.
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World Relief FREE Adult English Language Classes

World Relief FREE Adult English Language Classes

World Relief Chicago provides online English language classes for immigrants and refugees in Chicagoland. These classes involve a combination of video lessons, virtual classroom meetings, and independent homework.

  • Please Note: typically, virtual class meetings range from 1 to 2 hours between 9 AM - 1 PM on Mondays - Thursdays.
  • Learn more about the days, times, and how to register here.
  • For more information about adult education programs contact Rachel Hasdak, Adult Education Program Coordinator at 331.308.0291, rhasdak@wr.org
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Patrick Henry School

Stay Well,

Mr. Gutierrez, Ms. Reynolds, and Mrs. Abraham