Miel Korkus

ח6 27.5.16


Ichoose thailand because the coasts and the beautiful view.

Identity card

name: Thiland

Capital city:Bangkok

population: 67,976,405 people

Offical languages:cellulose

Goverment:military dictatorship

Area: Asia

Tourist attraction: Palace of king of Thailand, the Island


Thailand is a beautifull country,

Kingdom of Thailand in Southeast Asia. Thailand is also known by its former name, Siam Thai residents are called "cells". Thailand is bordered by Laos to the northeast, southeast Cambodia, Malaysia and Myanmar south to the northwest.

Thai ancient culture. Concepts of respect for others and for adults, hierarchy, obedience, and peace of mind ( "a calm heart") are very strong in the Thai society, although gradually influence of the West and the effect of that change in the strong countries themselves (especially Singapore and China) causing a change in culture.

Thai Prime attach high importance (which is considered a sacred organ) and falcons foot. Consequently, stroking the head of (even a child) may be considered as an act harmful and directing foot statue of Buddha or any person constitute an affront to the right (because so while sitting feet-to-feet Take care not forwarded to the other person, and sitting in front of Buddha temple always shall be combined foot so the foot does not vote to Buddha).

Conclusion and Opinion

My conclusion:

I'm very curious to get to Thailand and visit.

I learned about the culture of the Thai people and their customs.