Weekly Updates!

Mrs. Reynolds' Class, January 4-8

Important Dates

*Jan Brett home project due, Mon. Jan. 4

*Pike Fire Risk Watch lesson, Tue. Jan. 5 @ 9:40am

*St. Vincent Wellness Presentation, Fri. Jan. 12 @ 1:15pm

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Sight Words

Each word listed in the "words we know" column a student should be able to read, write, spell, and say with ease and automaticity. These are words that students can help read if you are exploring books at night. Each week we will add two more sight words to our "Words we know" list.

Words We Know:























Words We Are Learning This Week:



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Reading Workshop

Students will learn the parts of a story in order to retell stories with detail and sequence.

Students will be encouraged to:

*identify story "ingredients" (characters, setting, events)

*compare two or more characters in a story (using Jan Brett books)

*use evidence from the text to support their retelling

*recognize the problem in a story & identify it's solution

*describe the beginning, middle, and end of a story (using Jan Brett books)

*retell details of a story using appropriate sequence (using Jan Brett books)

Writing Workshop

Students will learn the elements of a personal narrative in order to write stories about small moments that have happened to them.

Students will be encouraged to:

*find a small moment that they can write about (also called "seed stories")

*create an entire story on a cohesive topic

*make pages with pictures and words that match

*write down as many sounds as they hear in a word (it doesn't need to be perfect)

*use correct letter formation

*use punctuation at the end of each sentence

*put spaces between each word

Math Workshop

Students will learn to recognize different types of patterns in order to create and extend patterns.

Students will be encouraged to:

*create & extend growing patterns with numbers & shapes (ex: 12122122212222)

*find the rule for simple repeating patterns

*use appropriate names for shapes when creating patterns

*verbalize their math ideas to a partner or group

*record their thinking in a math journal using pictures AND words