volleyball in hawaii

By:victoria B. p2nd

volleyball in Hawaii

Down in the loud gym ,screaming ,hustling, calling the ball and cheering brought the players to victory!

Down in Hawaii we have hard working athletes ,but as I was researching their was just one player that really stuck out to me, his name is Clayton Stanley.

He is a very passinet player for what he does.

Clayton Stanley works mainly 6to8 hours a day.

Clayton Stanley likes playing sand and indoor , sense he lives in Hawaii he is use to sand , but he love indoor just as much.

Other than playing volleyball, Clayton Stanley likes to hang with friends at the beach.

Clayton Stanley has been inspired so many ways, seeing Olympians play, and every time he touched the ball he fell in love with it even more!

Hard work and paticence will take you a long way if playing ball is what you love doing.