Element Introduction

Element Name- Chlorine

How the element got its name- It comes from the Greek word chloro meaning greenish yellow.

What family/group it is a part of- Belongs to the Halogen family and 17

What period is it a part of?- 3

Products that are used with Chlorine- Bleach

General Info

Chemical Symbol- Cl

Atomic Number- 17

Atomic Mass- 35

Number of Protons, Electrons, Neutrons- Electrons: 17 Protons: 17 Neutrons:18

Number of Valence Electrons- 7 Valence Electrons

Isotopes of the element-4

A Bohr Model- Picture Below

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Physical Properties

Melting Point: -150.7 F

Boiling Point: -29.27 F

Density: 0.003214 grams per cubic Centimeter 2

How much of Chlorine is found in the Earth's Crest- 1.45*10

Standard State of The Element- Gas


Where is the element found?- Found in nature. Dry climate or deep underground.

The form of Chlorine found in- Compound

What do humans use with Chlorine- Helps produce safe drinking water, Plastic, Paints

Interesting Facts

  • Chlorine was discovered in 1774 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele.
  • Chlorine was used in World War I as the first gaseous chemical warfare agent.
  • Extremely dangerous to living organisms.