Third Grade News from the Library

Week of August 25, 2014

It's an Iowa Children's Choice Extravaganza!

Welcome to a new year at CCE! It's been so much fun to see the third graders as they have visited the library in the last two weeks. They have grown so much in their interests and I've enjoyed spending time hearing about their summer vacations and what they have been reading.

The first week I saw the students we worked a lot on expectations and routines. There are a lot of routines in the library! This week we talked about the Iowa Children's Choice award books for this year. We are all so excited to talk about the list of books and have been talking about how many we think each of us can read between now and March when the statewide voting is done. I will include more information about this and the list of books on my website so please do look for that! Next week we will be filling out "pledges" stating how many books each of us is going to aim to read this school year, I may have gotten myself into something but I have pledged to read all 17 books. Students have to read two books to be eligible to vote and I will read one with them in the library.

We are still working on expectations and on managing all those transitions during library time, but I have enjoyed their visits all the same. :)

At this time students have been allowed to check out two books per visit, when a book is checked out the due date is two weeks from their library day. If they are done with a book before their next visit they are free to return it and get a different book. If they are not quite done with it by due date they are allowed to renew it. I encourage families to find a special spot in the home that is designated for library books to help in keeping track of those pesky books. I know in my house we are really good at losing them under beds and behind things you'd never expect!

If you ever have any questions or are interested in volunteering in the library let me know!

Jenny Brenner

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