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Are you ready to go on the hardest climb ever_______est

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Impact of mount Everest

Four percent of GDP comes from mount Everest.Half a billion dollars come from mount Everest to Tibet or Nepal.A lot of tourist come to climb or take a picture or walk around mount Everest.Did you know that you had to get a permit from the government to climb mount Everest.Do you also know that mount Everest has had 25,000 thousand tourist look at mount Everest.

Climate of Mount Everest

Precipitation comes mainly in December until March on Mount Everest. In summer it is very rainy as well.Do you know when the best time to climb is (also there is no rain) its April through September.The temperatures on mount Everest is -33 F in January and can drop to -76 F.In June and September wind could blow up to 285 km or 177 mph on mount Everest.

Preparation on Everest

The gear you need to climb Everest is boots, hooks,oxygen tanks,masks, warm clothes, ice ax,food,and tents these are the things you need to climb mount Everest.

The gear that helps you stay in place is the boots,hooks, and ice ax these can make you stay in place not fall in a hole and not die.

The gear that will keep you going is the oxygen tanks,the mask,the warm clothes,food ,and the tents.All the thing will help you stay alive on the mountain

Holly angelo's report of her experience on everest

Today I have met Peak the kid that climbed the Woolworth building and got his face stuck to the wall.The next day I tried to invite Peak into my tent for lunch to see if I could get some information from him but he kindly declined the offer. After that day John ( Peaks Dad) said that he needed to run to camp four and leaving me and Peak behind (I hope I can get some information from him)and also my camera crew, and chef left me for this famous actor.

In the morning Zopa had woken me,Peak, and Sun-jo and said that we are moving to camp three.Now we are on the way to camp three Zopa and Peak tried to help me but I said nicely no ( I kind of getting a little weak I think I should go Back down the mountain).This after noon I talked to Zopa about it and he was fine about it.I now talking to Peak about it (I think he was a little sad about this)I said to Peak tell me all of the adventure when you come down.

I am Holly Angelo and this is the end of my report of Peak in till he comes back down.

Biography of Peak and Sun-jo

Peak and Sun-jo are very alike they are the same age which is 14, they would both be the youngest people to climb mount Everest,they care about each other,and there best friends.

People also have their differences like Peak and Sun-jo. Sun-jo lost his father and is sad at it Peak still has his dad but he is mad at his dad,Peak has a permit but Sun-jo dose not have a permit to climb,and Peak is weaker than Sun-jo.

This is the compartment and the differences of Peak and Sun-jo