Knightly News

April 29, 2019

May/June Dates

May 2 - 5th grade Step-up Day at Franklin and Monroe Middle Schools

May 2 - CUSD 200 Town Hall - Budget & Finance 7:00pm Hubble MS

May 4 - CUSD 200 Town Hall - Budget & Finance 10:00am WWSHS

May 7 - Monroe Parent Night for incoming 6th grade 7:00pm

May 9 - 2nd grade virtual field trip 10:30am

May 9 - Kane County Cougars game - Ozzie's Reading Club 6:30pm

May 13 - Washington Fine Arts Concert - chorus, band, and orchestra 7:00pm

May 14 - 4th grade field trip

May 14 - 2nd grade virtual field trip 10:00am

May 14 - Mobile Food Pantry 4:15pm

May 15- Franklin Parent Night for incoming 6th grade 7:00pm

May 17 - 3rd grade field trip

May 17 - PTA Spring Fling 6:30pm-8:00pm


May 23 - 24 - 5th Grade Outdoor Education

May 27 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day

May 28 - Mr. Nicky presentation for 5th grade

May 31 - 2nd grade field trip

June 3 - Yearbook distribution

June 3 - Matt Wilhelm from America's Got Talent - BMX Bike Assembly - morning

June 3 - "Welcome to the Nest" event at Monroe Middle School for incoming 6th graders 6:30pm

June 5 - Field Day

June 6 - Field Day Rain Date

June 11 - Last Day of School

June 11 - End-of-Year Assembly 2:00pm

Bridle Lane

Please note that both the north and south sides of Bridle Lane are no parking zones from 8:00am until 4:00pm. The Wheaton Police Department acknowledges that parents need to line up for student drop-off and pick-up, but this area still remains a no parking area.

Please do not start lining up in your car until 8:45am for school arrival and 3:15pm for school dismissal. Vehicles in this area prior to these times or vehicles that are left unoccupied are subject to citation.

In addition, please take care to leave driveways accessible when you are in the car line. Also, there should not be any double-parking.

Thanks for a Great Fun Fair & Book Fair, PTA!

Thank you to Steve and Adrianne Karlovitz for organizing the Fun Fair and Book Fair this year. Thank you to Book Fair co-chair Allison Green and all of the staff and parent volunteers who helped make these events a success!

Thinking of Next Year

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As spring is in full swing, I know that many of your thoughts are already turning toward next school year. Soon, I will begin working with the teachers on student placement for next year. Since students move in and out of our attendance area and staffing can change over the summer, the process will continue into August. We do our best to develop classes that provide the best opportunities for optimal teaching and learning. Due to the complex nature of developing class lists, it is impossible to accommodate requests for specific classroom teachers. The following quote is from the Parent/Student Handbook:

Many professional hours of planning and preparation are spent in the spring to ensure the most appropriate class placement for each child. To change even one student can upset the balance that was very carefully created by teachers and principals. Therefore, requests for a child's placement with a specific teacher are not invited.

We do value your input, and we invite you to share your thoughts and impressions about your child's needs. Feel free to email me at It will be most helpful to receive any information you have to share by mid-May. Please understand that class placements will not be finalized and communicated to parents until sometime in August.

Thank you,

Jennifer Craig


K-2 Author Visit with Adam Rubin

From the Health Office

The Health Office would greatly appreciate donations of gently used pants with elastic waistbands in all sizes. Muddy season is here, and some students will need to borrow clean pants. Thank you!

Knight Writers (and Speakers and Video Creators)!

As part of the CUSD 200 Vision 2022 teachers in all grades are focusing on developing students' skills in writing and message production (speaking, presenting, creating videos). We are also working to create opportunities for students to write and communicate with authentic audiences. Student writing and message production will be included in the Knightly News this year. Enjoy!

Check out these photos of 3rd graders presenting their research on famous Americans!

Thank You , WatchDOGS!

A big thank you to all of our WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) volunteers this year! Thank you for helping us learn and spending time with us!

Devin Leftwich

Niranjan Kosaraju

Mike Peters

Dan Radojkovic

Jeff Pralle

Mark Hafkey

David Worniak

Jason Beguhl

Michael Positano

Jake Stewart

Doug Kachelmuss

Bruce Crosthwaite

Dion Davi

Seth Chapman

David Mazeska

Zach Somers

Alain Roy

Wheaton North Summer Camps

Click here for information on Wheaton North Summer Camps.

Elementary Handbook

This year, the Elementary Handbook will be online. You can find it on the Washington website and by clicking here: HANDBOOK.

Box Tops for Education & Coke Rewards

PTA collects both Box Tops and Coke Rewards; both are easy ways you can help raise money for Washington. Mrs. Mandie Porick coordinates both programs. Box tops can be sent to school in your child’s take home folder placed in an envelope labeled Box Tops or in a ziplock. Coke Rewards can be sent in this way as well.