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Grant H.


I am reading The Alex Rider series. I am on book number five, Scorpia. In book number four a contract killer named Yassen Gregorovich told Alex to find Scorpia and he will find his destiny. Those were the last words Yassen ever said. Alex goes to Venice and finds Scorpia. The first time they meet, they try to kill him. The second time they meet, they treated him like a god. They love him because of his father he has never met. They pursue him to work for them. I recommend this book to people who like exiting, fun, and awesome adventure books.

Imagine Dragons ~ On Top of the World

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"I'm on Top of the World" By: Imagine Dragons

I chose this song because I like to read. It explains how I feel when I read.

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My Interest

My favorite books are The Hardy Boys and Alex Riders. In the Hardy Boys they get themselves in a lot of cool situations. They get chased and chase criminals. In the Alex Rider books he goes in undercover for the British intelligence service, MI6. He dose some of the coolest things imaginable.
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10 Reading Things About Me

  1. I like to read adventures and mysteries.
  2. I don't like to read poems.
  3. I like to read in quiet spaces.
  4. It is hard to read at home when my brothers are home.
  5. I like books about crimes or crime solving.
  6. I can't sometimes focus when I read.
  7. Reading can calm me down or keep me awake, depending on my mood.
  8. I love the Hardy Boys.
  9. I like the Alex Riders.
  10. I read past my bedtime.

All About Me

My name is Grant. I love playing sports. My favorite one is soccer. I like to read and do it in my free time. I like to hang out with my fiends and play outside. I like to swim in the summer.

Where to Find Books

I go to Barnes and It gives you good book reviews and if you want to buy it, you can. It is easy to use and has over thirty million books.

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