Multiplication and Division Fluency

Basic Fact Rules (Greg Tang)

A group of 0's fast and fun, no matter what the answer is none.
A group of one you won't forget, what you see is what you get
A group of 2? It's no trouble, just make sure you always double.
There's nothing like a group of ten, just put a zero at the end.

Moderate Fact Rules (Greg Tang)

A group of 3 is quickly done, start with 2 and then add 1.
A group of 4 is fast to do, if you think in groups of 2.
A group of 5 you'll find with ease, half of 10 is just a breeze.
A group of 9 requires tact, start with 10 and then subtract.

Advanced Fact Rules (Greg Tang)

A group of 6 is clear to see, when you look for groups of 3.
A group of 7 can be quick, 5 and 2 will do the trick.
A group of 8 is nothing more, than equal groups of 4 and 4.

Multiplication and Division Online Games/Practice


· This game is played with two people. They put both hands behind their backs and on their count, shoot out a number. Each player multiplies his or her number times the other player’s number, and keep score.

· Multiplication War: Deal a deck of cards between two people. Each person flips the top card of his/her deck onto the table at the same time. The first person to call out the product of the two numbers on the cards gets to keep the cards. (Ace=1, Jack=11, Queen=12, King=0)

· Roll the Dice: This game can be played with one person or two. Roll two dice. Multiply the two numbers showing face up. Write the digits 7-12 on squares of masking tape and stick to the dice to practice your 7-12 facts.