The Dollhouse Murders!

A News Report By: Nolan Brashear

Mysterious Legend Stumps Local Family

Grandparents in local family get murdered! Their granddaughter's boyfriend died the same night . Yet the granddaughter believes her boyfriend committed the murders--all while the grandson was asleep. To make the situation worse, the grandkids lost their parents years ago and are now left alone...

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Murderer Revealed!

Following the murders, the granddaughter moved to Chicago. The grandson went to live with cousins . But the murders remained unsolved until thirty years later when the great grandkids found a haunted dollhouse in the attic . Amy and Louann, the great grandkids, found out about the murders. They used the dollhouse and the library for clues .Finally they found a note from the murdered grandmother that told them the handy man, Rubin Miller, was behind the murders all along. With her last words, she had prayed for her grandson's safety.