Fighting Ring Plans Proposed

Haley Harman

Wildcat High Releases Building Plans for Fighting Ring on Campus

After 93 fights in the 2014-2015 school year alone and many failed attempts to penalize students with ISS, Wildcat High has drawn up plans for a fighting ring, to be located at the intersection of E & B hall. "We are so excited to find a solution to the hallway fights that occur every other day on our campus," Principal Franklin says. The proposed "ring" will finally give the students a space to release their anger without preventing their fellow classmates from trying to get to class in a timely manner. In the past, students would see a fight break out and run towards it causing mass chaos. Now, there will be order in the process. One excited student says, "Not only does this building proposal solve the issue of overcrowding, it provides a safe viewing area where I can take a high quality video to share with my friends. Before, I would have to risk a punch or two just to get a good angle on the action. Now, I have the best of both worlds and feel safer than ever." Safety in the neighborhood has also seen a significant improvement too. Now that students have a place to handle their conflicts at school, neighborhood gang violence has gone down 37%. "I wish we would have built it sooner, instead of blowing the budget on new work books that have yet to be unpacked," says Principal Franklin. Although this new "ring" comes with a hefty price tag, school board, parents and faculty all agree it is worth it. Say goodbye to overcrowding, neighborhood violence and audience fear, and say hello to a safer, new & improved Wildcat High.
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