Monday Message


I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your understanding, flexibility, and patience over the three days of ELA testing. We entered a new world of contingency planning with the change in timing for students, and I can't truly express to you in writing alone how appreciative we are for your support and cool heads. In the end, the adults in the building did a superb job of insulating our students from the increased hustle associated with this change, and that has been paramount. Even the students simply knowing that they had a few extra minutes to check over their responses was a positive, and that, in the end, is a good thing. Overall for our ELA assessments we had an 88% participation rate district-wide which is excellent! Thank you for continuing to send a positive message about these assessments so that our students and families understand how they fit into the grand scheme of things. Onward to math!

Calendar (AKA Where Will Tim Be This Week?)

State Assessments Testing Schedule:

Monday, April 11:

  • BOE Meeting, 6:30 PM, HS LGI

Tuesday, April 12:

  • SchoolTool lock for Marking Period 3 at 11:59 PM
  • Admin Cabinet Meeting, 9:45 AM, HS LGI
  • Skidmore K-12 Restorative Justice Monthly Gathering, 3:30 PM, Maple Ave. MS

Wednesday, April 13:

  • NYS Math Assessment: Day 1

Thursday, April 14:

  • NYS Math Assessment: Day 2

Friday, April 15:

  • NYS Math Assessment: Day 3
  • Report cards distributed in homerooms and mailed

Saturday, April 16:

  • Senior Citizen Dinner, OWWMS Cafeteria

Upcoming Dates:

4/18 - HSA Meeting

4/19 - Faculty Meeting Budget Presetation with Dr. Patton

4/21 - MS ITL Meeting

Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Tooth Brushes and Penalties

This short video is definitely worth three minutes of your time. Myron Dueck, author of Grading Smarter, Not Harder explains the shortcomings of using penalties in grading systems, including late deductions and zeros. Let me know if it strikes a chord. My favorite quote: "If the penalized person doesn't care about the penalty, it's not gonna work."
Grading Smarter, Not Harder: Tooth Brushes and Penalties

Teri's Treasures

I've been meaning to share this with all of you for a while. I received an email from Teri Lenz in early March with this picture attached. This Little Free Library (as they're called) is, in my opinion, a beautiful tribute to Teri's love of reading and books, and it's wonderful that it's found a home near her home. Here is the email Teri sent me pasted below, with her permission:

"I am writing regarding the library mailbox which has been approved by our Fort Edward mayor and trustees. It is completed and has a temporary stand until it can be mounted outdoors. At present, it is in perfect condition to be mounted indoors, but is well constructed for either. The stand is gorgeous. I wanted to send in photos for further examination. I will be filling the mailbox with books, as well. In addition, many teachers have offered to check in on the mailbox, from time to time, to drop off a book. I am grateful to the mayor for approving this idea."

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R.A.C.E. to Bulldog Pride Reminder

So far since we started these recognition letters home, I have sent out nearly forty to parents, grandparents, and other family guardians. I know they are having a positive impact in the community, and I wanted to include a brief reminder with a link to the submission form. It's always helpful, although not so easy this time of year, to focus on those positive things happening with students. I would urge you to think about a student or two who deserves to be recognized as we move from the third quarter (typically a lower one for many kids) into the fourth. Not only will it give them and their parents a jolt of positive energy, but I know it will do the same to you.

R.A.C.E. to Bulldog Pride Submission Form:


I spent some time at Thacher State Park just west of Albany this Sunday, in the Helderbergs. I'm always amazed at how diverse the landscape of our region is. Walking along "The Great Ledge," as it is sometimes called, and taking pictures was just what I needed to be ready to charge forth into a new week, so I thought I'd share my favorite shot from the (very low impact) hike. Your moment of Zen, as Jon Stewart used to say. Have a great week!
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