origins and dates

In the 1859 the oblate missionaries Father Pandosy, Father Richard and Brother Surrel, arrived in Okanagan valley. Shortly after they arrived Pandosy had made the first non-native settlement. However he did minister to both natives and Europeans. About two years later and Pandosy had baptized 121 people. By 1865 the missionaries had been housing a succession of priests who stayed at the mission along with those who passed through the settlement. A year later a log barn was added to the settlement. Father Pandosy died in 1881, the Okanagan benefited from his presence. They felt the drive to continue to educate an minister to the new worlds people. The farm grew to about 2,450 acres and the mission became the catholic church's headquarters for the area. The mission was sold to Father Eumelin, who wasn't an oblate but continued to run mission until 1902. This is when the original mission of the immaculate conception was closed. In 1906 the land was purchased by kelowna land and orchard company.


Father Pandosy was definitely the most important thing about missionaries because if it weren't for him, there wouldn't of been a missionary in the first place. He's important because he influenced many other Europeans, such as Eli Lequime, to come to the okanagan! Without father pandosy other important Europeans wouldn't of come to the okangan and things like the gold rush,cattle ranching and agriculture would've happened much later, or maybe even not at all. After Pandosy died, everyone thought that missionaries would die off. That the "phase" would be over. However other missionaries kept it alive until 1906 when they sold the mission to kelowna land and orchard company. Now orchards are a HUGE part of kelowna. Although selling the mission was upsetting at the time, it ended up being super beneficial to our community today.

role of the okanagan fur brigade trail

Missionaries would use the fur brigade trail as a transportation network. They'd use it to get to different places to baptize, marry and preach to peoples. Father pandosy traveled often to various missions so the brigade trail was really important to him.

earle european profiole : father pandosy

early history

Pandosy was born in provence france, and came from a wealthy land-owning family. He was sent to the Oregan area, by the french catholic church, in 1859 with a small group of oblates. They were later sent to the okanagan to forma mission. they followed the fur brigrade trail to get there. when he was a young priest he worked and lived amoung teh Yakama tribe, where he learned their language, he eventually baptized them into his church.

reasons for settlement

In 1860 Father Pandosy established the first non-native settlement. On the mission site they built a school, a chapel as well as several buildings to house and support priests and those passing through. he saw major potential, also the okanagan needed more ministries which is why Father Pandosy and the oblates were sent here in the first place.

early acomplishments

Father Pandosy started working in the field, during these years he was sent to various other missions around the province! He ministered to both natives and Europeans. Through these travels he was able to influence many people around to be religious and get involved in the community. Another interesting accomplishment is that he planted the first apple tree in the okanagan!

accomplishments in the okanagan valley

His biggest accomplishment in the valley was that he founded the mission. He baptized married and taught until his death in 1891. His influential behavior led other Europeans to come to the okanagan, which was extremely beneficial to our community today.

legacy today

He has a street named after him in downtown kelowna called Pandosy Street:central kelonwa area-main north and south from Bernard Avenue to KLO Road. The okanagan greatly benifited from his presence as he inspired other missionaries to come to the okanagan such as miners, farmers, and cattle ranchers.

driving question

father pandosy's impact

Father Pandosy played a HUGE role in the development of the Okanagan Valley. He made the first non-native settlement, which flourished into a glorious mission that had lots of housings, barns, farms and a surplus of food. His marvelous settlement inspired other Europeans to come to the Okanagan, which was very important because those other Europeans played a huge role in the okanagan as well. They established other crucial factors on out on such as orchards, farms and mines. He also worked the field and use the fur brigade trail to travel to other places n th province. He missioned to natives and Europeans peoples. When Pandosy died he left a huge impact on kelowna. His acts of sincere kindness and putting others before yourself had inspired other early settlers to get involved in the community. His legacy lives on, and i hope it continues to do so.

interesting facts

1) Came from a landowning family in Provence, France
2) He worked and lived amongst the Yakama tribe, where he learned their language and later baptized them into the mission
3) Planted the first apple tree in kelowna

here is a picture of where the father pandosy mission was during the late 1800's.

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here is a picture of where the father pandosy mission is today. yes, it is still in the same spot today, however its now surronfing by homes and commercial stores.

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