By Brooke

What is Aspen

Aspen is in Pitkin county Colorado. It is a ski resort community and town in a remote area of Rocky Mountain National Park. It was first founded as a mining camp during the Colorado Silver Boom. It was named because of all the Aspen trees that grew there. The city became very populated and busy during the 1880's. In the late 20th century it became a popular retreat for celebirties such as John Denver who even wrote a 2 songs about Aspen.

What can you do at Aspen

Aspen has many attractions such as many trails like the Rio Grande trail and the Maroon Lake Scenic Trail. It also has a opera house called Wheeler Opera House and is as visitors call it a must see attraction in Aspen. It has two mountains in the area called Buttermilk mountain and Aspen Mountain. It also has a gondola called Silver Queen Gondola that I have even been on and was really fun.