Skateboarding lessons

classes every week at C.J Skateboard park and school

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take skate boarding lessons now for beginner, intermediate, and advance classes. take group lessons or even have a privet lesson with one of the instructors.

any day of the week

book a time now to get a spot everyday of the week. C.J. Skatepark and school is located on 60 Horner ave in etobicoke

here are some of our instructors

will learn everything you need to be the next pro

what we do in our lessons

each lesson is one hour long and consist of multiple activities.

for five minutes we stretch to make sure we don't pull any muscle.

for 25 minutes we will ether skate the mini ramps or the street section and go over the basics and / or for advance riders learn a new trick. we will than switch to the other side of the skate park and do the same thing but in the street section. For the last five minutes is letting the kids do what they want.