Independence day in Morocco

(Eid Al Istiqulal)

My friend Ali has invited me to come to morocco for Independence day.

Ali is from Morocco and is 21 years old. Ali is very funny and likes to race camels. Ali has dark black hair and a long beard with an athletic build. Ali has a very funny personality and is fun to travel with. Ali invited me to his house in Morocco which is very nice. The house is like a palace. The house has 8 bedrooms and I was allowed to stay in the guest house. The guest house was decorated with bright colors for independence day and also had a lot of food already made. Some of the food was grilled lmv and spiced couscous. these two foods are very popular to eat on independence day.

The history behind this holiday.

The holiday takes place on March second every year. Morocco gained it's independence in !952 when King Mohammed came back from exile and declared Morocco free from France and Spain. The country of Morocco had been under outside control for 44 years. This holiday gives the moroccan people great pride because it reminds them that they are their own leaders.

Ali's family

How the holiday is celebrated.

The holiday has many traditions that go along with the holiday. The biggest one is the grand reception which is held at the imperial palace. Another tradition is parades all over Morocco. These parades are full of bright colors, music, and feasts. Couscous is one of the most popular independence day foods.

People celebrate this day by going to parades with family and friends and watching the reception either in person or on T.V. People also celebrate this day by having parties with lots of food and drink. Families will also reunite with each other for these parties.

How I spent this holiday with Ali.

On this day me and Ali started out the day by having breakfast with his family. We then went out and started watching parades which go on all day. These parades contained music and people dancing. There were also performers in the parade that were singing songs and waving moroccan flags. The streets above the parade were lined with lights and drawings of the first independence day which was held 62 years ago on March 2nd. After watching the parades for a while Me and Ali went to his house and watched the grand reception with his family. We then had a feast put on by his parents which concluded the day.

Similar holiday in America.

This holiday reminds me most of our independence day(july 4th). It reminded me of this because both places celebrate their independence in similar ways. In America we celebrate this day with parties and parades with bright nation colors and lots of food. Another thing that reminded me of the day in America is how the holiday gives us as a country pride.

the national anthem

Sung in honor of the day from Washington
Moroccan National Anthem by American Opera Singer- النشيد الوطني المغربي

independence day lights

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This is Ali traveling
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