Travel Guide to Planet Earth

Mount Everest

  1. Mount Everest, also known in Nepal as Sagarmāthā and in Tibet as Chomolungma, is Earth's highest mountain. It is located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas.

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Opportunities: You can take helicopters and fly around and look at Mt. Everest from a better prospective. These are oppourtunities because you can do things you want to do by your self or with friends so you don't hve to be in crowds you can just go of and see the mountain.


Challenges: You could possibly get altitude sickness. Avalanches could Occur. Temperature is very cold and you could freeze to death.

Travel Tips

Travel Tips: Early March and late May and Between early September and to late October are good for climbing the mountain.

Packing List

  • Apparel
north Face Himalaya suit
North Face Prism Optimus Jacket

  • Boots and Ski Gear
    Scarpa Phantom 8000m Boot
    Dynafit TLT5 Performance Ski Boot
  • Other Hard Gear
    Black Diamond Sabretooth crampons
    Black Diamond Helmet
  • Soft Gear
    North Face Prophet 52 backpack
    VE 25 Tent
  • Food
    Clif Shots, Bloks, Mojo bars, and electrolyte drink mix
    Werther Hard Candies

Suggestions for other places

K2, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu these are some of the largest mountains in the worlds.