Living Stories

Narrative Workshops led by Israeli and Palestinian Youth

New Story Leadership featuring Youth Leaders from Israel and Palestine

Wednesday, Jun 26th, 6:30-8:30pm

276 Carroll St NW Washington, DC 20012

Join New Story Leadership for our Summer Workshop Series

Our team of 5 Israeli and 5 Palestinian students have arrived!!! Please join us for any of the narrative story telling workshops this summer. Each session we will work together to create our narratives of change as well as work with the students on creating their Projects for Change.

Living Stories Event Series

Upcoming Dates

Wednesday June 26th: NSL Team presents: Living Stories Session One

Tuesday July 2nd: NSL Team presents: Living Stories Session Two

Thursday July 11th: "The Lessons of Northern Ireland Peace for the Middle East Process."

Tuesday July 16th: NSL and "The Dual Narratives" and a Narrative Way of Change

Tuesday July 23rd: NSL and Post It Diplomacy - The NSL's unique methods

Wednesday July 31st: NSL team presents: Living Stories Session Three.

Past Events

Storytellers Reunion Event

Wednesday June 12th: Storytellers Community Reunion and Briefing about NSL - before the team arrives

Weekly events with Israeli and Palestinian Youth Leaders

Wednesday June 19th: NSL and Guests; Living Stories - Come meet and welcome the Team

Introduction: New Story Leadership for the Middle East

New Story Leadership

The Future Finds a Voice: NSL creates the space and the conditions for a new story to be told by a new generation of the most promising young Palestinians and Israelis. By training them to share their hopes in compelling narratives, they cease being the object of others’ decisions, and emerge as authors of a new way forward. They pave the way for that day when the world finally recognizes them as the primary stakeholders of any future story about Israel-Palestine. Through the NSL program, young people whose future is being determined will finally show up in the story, and America will hear from them first hand about their aspirations, plans, and efforts to build a just and lasting peace.