Deja Vu

Alyssa & Kevin AKA Kwolf

Why are we interested in this topic?

We are interested in this topic because we have both experienced deja vu but have never really searched and learned about it this is why we think this is a good time to finally research about this topic.


Deja Vu is a french word. literally "already seen", is the phenomenon of having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past.

whats going on in the brain

Although scientist do not know what goes on in the brain they can make good guesses based on models of memory. There are two cooperating processes for memory acknowledge which are familiarity and recollection. Familiarity occurs quickly, before the brain can recall the source of feeling. recollection depends on the hippocampus. when these cooperating processes get out of sync, we can experience deja vu. the researchers discovered that patients who experience deja vu chronically had damage to their frontal and temporal regions.


Psychologist Edward Titchener described deja vu in 1928 using the example of crossing a street. As we began to cross a street, we instinctively look to the left, but if something catches our attention on our right, we turn in that direction. By the time we look to our left again, our brains may have forgotten the first glance. this second glance, triggers a feeling of familiarity because, in this case, we really have seen something before.

Interesting Stuff

The human brain holds memories and information, but only from this lifetime on planet Earth. Remember you reside in a dimension created of billions of other galaxies with trillions and trillions of star systems. And don’t forget your spirit (consisting of mind and soul) that most historical religious figures, from Jesus to the Buddha, have discussed. I don’t believe that your spirit is devoid of all knowledge and memory, otherwise there would be no point to the eternal life if you retained nothing.