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“What's the Evidence for Our Pediatric Patients?”

Katherine Pohlman, D.C., M.S. Ph.D.

Director of Research,

Parker University

Tuesday, June 11 12:00pm CST

ACA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics is offering each council member the opportunity to experience the June 11 webinar at a 10% discount off the ACA member price.

"Evidence for chiropractic care in the pediatric population is on an increase, enabling chiropractors to have a vital role in children’s healthcare. This presentation will prepare you to share what doctors of chiropractic have to offer (now and in the future). Highlights include research findings from the largest prospective safety evaluation of chiropractic care for the pediatric population, and a systematic review of manual therapy use for children.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss the largest prospective safety evaluation of chiropractic care for the pediatric population
2. Discuss a systematic review of manual therapy use for pain and disability among pregnant and post-partum patients.
3. Explain research’s impact on the future of the chiropractic profession and the necessity for grass-root efforts to really grow these efforts profession."

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This webinar is approved for 1 CE credit in all PACE states except Georgia, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. For more information on PACE and a complete list of state licensing boards that accept PACE, click here.

Updates from our Research Chair, Dr. Jessie Young

"The (practice-based research) project is going really well but there is still time to participate if doctors are willing. We are also working on revamping the research page of our website and will be really excited to share all kinds of new evidence-based information and resources with everyone when that's done. I'd like to encourage everyone to listen to Dr. Pohlman's webinar on the Evidence for Our Pediatric Patients."

-If you're interested in participating in a practice-based research study to develop an outcome assessment questionnaire for suboptimal breastfeeding (with minimal impact on your office's workload) or have any questions please contact Dr. Jessie Young at

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The 2020 Annual ACA Pediatrics Council Symposium will be held in Denver, Colorado

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