Phobia Headlines

Arianna Hernandez Noland 10/15/15 1 page

Character Description

Madeleine Masterson had blue eyes. A beautiful color so she can keep it in the book. She is in london in an all girls school. This girl is scared of spiders isect bugs, baciacly anything that crawls. Theodore Bartholomew had thanatophobia (fear of death). The stout boy with alabaster skin, dark brown hair and, milk chocolatte eyes lined with glasses lived in manhattan. Garrison Feldman, big and athletic all at age 13. his one flaw? He was petrefied of water. Lulu Punchalower, a 12 year old girl with strawberry blonde hair with freckles and jade eyes. She had a conditon called claustrophobia.

Plot Summary

Madeleine, Theo, Garrison and, Lulu arrived to the school of fear for summer school. it may have been hard getting them there but they got there eventually. not many people know about it. With know contact to the outside world the phobiatastic four have know idea what is going to happen. they met there teacher, covered in pink, looking like she was from the 50’s, was Mrs.Wellington. She took attendence. Mrs.Wellington was calling them contestense. a person called Manchauser climbed up a two hundred foot dark hole and came in to the School OF Fear from the dire disaster door. he came to tell them abernathy is back. know one was very clear on who abernathy was to the kids. all they knew was to fear him. Mrs. wellington died from fear of failing abernathy and Mauchester is the new headmaster. he was changing everything. he hated a very special dog named macaroni. he thought macaroni died. when Mauchester found out he set up a trap for the foursome. the four some must get over there fears to get out of the school of fear. the way they did it was a journey. maddie had to face spiders insects bugs and, creepy crawly things. theo had do go through all the death that was happening at that time. lulu had to crawl through a dark small tunnel. once lulu found her friends they found a way out of the trap that Mauchester set up. garrison opened a door but less than a second after he slamed it shut. there was screaming coming from it. when they finally walked in they saw macaroni. they found a way out of the trap. they traveled through woods and across a cobblestone road. they found a home and asked if they had a phone , food, bug reppellent and, if they saw a man and his dog. they found there way back to the school of fear and figured out why this happend. Mauchester found out Mrs. wellington left all she had to her dog macaroni and schmitty tried to save macaroni from Mauchester and got the kids over there fears and out of they way by sending them away on a journey. then they packed there bags and had there parents come and pick them up. this all happend in six weeks six weeks ago.
School Of Fear

Not my video. The author of the book, School of Fear, is GITTY DANESHVARI.