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May 11th, 2020

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Dear FMS Families,

Happy Monday!

It is hard to believe it is our last full week of school. I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I've included the links to newsletters below as well as parent resources that may be helpful during this time. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything! Miss you all!


Beth Houf

#FultonProud. #TogetherWeCan

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More Information

We will have student belongings that were left in the building ready to be picked up next week, May 18th-21st. Distribution times are 11-1 or 3-5.

May 18th, Last Names A-F
May 19th, Last Names G-L
May 20th, Last Names M-R
May 21st, Last Names S-Z

Families with multiple last names, come at the most convenient of the scheduled time above.

All items from lockers, pe lockers and the classrooms have been bagged up and labeled. We will set up a circle drive pick up by the pole barn. You should pull up to the pole barn, let the staff know your child's name and they can either put your items in the truck or hand through the window. Please stay in your vehicle. We will not be collecting Chromebooks this summer.

Items to return: library books, track uniforms (can be brought during this time)

Interested in Enrolling in Summer School?

8th Graders that Want to Get High School Credit

Newsletters for the Week

Please Have Your Child Check In with Homeroom Teacher Here

Freshman Softball


What do I do if I have an issue with my child’s Chromebook?

Please complete the following form so we can get you taken care of as soon as possible:

District Covid-19 Resources

DESE Resources for Special Education

Family Resources

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FREE Resource for Parents

This course is a guide: an approach to social media & gaming for parents to offer insight into behavior youth have with technology. Our goal is to offer you a common sense approach to taking action in supporting your kids in becoming responsible digital citizens.

Dealing with Stress and Coping During This Time

Social Emotional Learning and Self Care

Staff Shout Outs!