Come To Our Ocean Zone!


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  • The average temperature is -76 degrees Fahrenheit
  • the average density of the water is 1000kg/m2
  • The average depth of the water is 8000 feet
  • The average salinity is 37
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When diving in the sea ice, there will be extraordinary sights, Including, soft corals, sea anemone beds, hermit crabs, starfish, and seaweed forest. When diving you will need scuba gear and a professional to lead the way and show you things. But when arctic diving, one has to be careful to not get frostbite or hypothermia.
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  • Because of global warming, some water is melting destroying the natural habitat of creatures in the area.
  • In the sea ice area there is a gyre called The Beaufort gyre. it brings fresh water that has many nutrients to the area.
  • Storms called El niño and La niña sometimes can effect the area, such as changing the jet stream.
  • humans need to be careful not to over-fish in the area because other species could go extinct