Chaos theory

Liz, Kate, Shreya, Anjali

Everything you do has a lasting effect on your life and everyone else's.

Your decisions, actions, and words impact the world.

How is the chaos theory present in the story?

The chaos theory is present in the story because the character made a decision that effected the entire world drastically. His actions may not have mad a difference at the moment, but were amplified by time.

What message is this story sending us that related to the chaos theory or the philosophies of the Meaning of Life?

This story is sending us a message, that your actions and decisions, though may seem small and unimportant at the moment, make a lasting impact on the formation of your future and may others.

What are some examples of the chaos theory in real-life that you have seen/experienced? Do these examples fit with the story’s message?

An example I've seen is someone littering. Most litter (if not picked up) will go into our watershed and eventually move to a lower body of water. This litter could kill an animal. The animal corpse could become infected, and pollute the water. Most of the animals in the body of water would die. This would cause many problems. This can show how one small event can impact many.
The story 'A Sound of Thunder' is an example of how one individuals actions can have such a big impact on the world. In the story the effects of the characters decisions were amplified by time, and so, while our decisions may seem minor at times, the choices we make will grow more important with time. We may believe that we are too insignificant to make a difference in the world, but everything we do, everything we say, pushes others, and us, in the direction of our future.