February Newsletter

2014 Goals

Share the {LOVE}

Welcome to my Monthly Newsletter just for my team! (Don't worry, I will be thinking of a team name shortly!!!!) This is another great way I can keep in touch and check in with each of you to help you reach your goals!

In February we all know Valentine's day is the biggest thing for Sales, but February is also a slow month for sales, and while you girls rocked it last month and collectively sold over $3000 in PV (insert happy cheers here!) I would love to help you all share the {love} of Origami Owl by recruiting others to share this amazing journey with us!


SALES: I know how everyone was in awe over our limited edition Chocolate Covered Strawberry! Well, guess what? I HAVE 1 EXTRA!!!! The designer with the highest sales for the month of February will get my very last Chocolate Covered Strawberry!!!

Recruiting: Who is ready to grow their business? You do that by recruiting and having other amazing Men and Women join you on your journey! The Designer with the most recruits will get a special surprise from me! Don't worry it will be a goodie ;)

Hillary's Origami Owl Team!

Don't worry ladies, a super special and unique name will be coming soon to set our team apart from the rest! Lets show everyone what we are made of and BE A FORCE FOR GOOD!

Love you all,