History of Labor

Harley Wood

Conditions pre-unions

Outlawing , child labor creating the eight-hour work day instead of the standard 12 hours, working for equal wages for women, improving Safety conditons at work, and seeking to end discrimination of the workplace.

Why unions formed

The purpose for the formation of unions is for the protection of a group of workers/employees against companies/employers that may exploit them. This covers hours worked, safety violations, humane work conditions, pay which may include medical benefits, retirement benefits.

Examples of unions

  • Craft Unions
  • Industial unions
  • Company Unions

Conditions post formation of unions

Wisconsin¿s first labor unions were formed in Milwaukee, the bricklayers in 1847 and the carpenters in 1848. Other early unions developed in trades connected to transportation, clothing, and printing. Shoemakers founded the Knights of St. Crispin in 1867, Wisconsin¿s first national trade union organization, which quickly grew to be the largest union in the nation.

History of Unions in WI

Current state of Union(WI and US)