Digitial Day Project

By: Emma Harrison

My 24 Hour Journey..

For a school project I have to keep a log of every time I use one of my electronics. And although it won't be easy to rememeber to record it it's a challenge worth accepting...mainly because its worth 200 points, but it could also be fun. Well here we go.

1:01 p.m

I was sitting in English 12 class on a Friday afternoon casusually doing my work when my phone vibrated. Curious, I picked it up to notice that I had an incoming text. As I picked up my phone to check the text I saw it was from one of my friends who was in a different class down the hall.

1:06 p.m.

Still sitting in English class I picked up my phone again to check to see if I had any updates on Instagram, And I did. So I sat there for the next 10ish minutes scrolling through pictures aimlessly while chatting with Evan and Zach. Waiting for the pep session that was to occur that afternoon to get us pumped for the homecoming game.

1:16 p.m.

As time began to slowly pass by, The thought of working on my smores page became a distant memory...It was hard to focus and hard to think. For the weekend was ahead. But I pressed on and continued to work on my page on my laptop. Hearing the click click click of my keys as my fingers typed.

To Do or Not to Do is the real question.. ( 3:15 p.m. )

After I got off the phone I checked my Instagram for any new pictures. And decided that my Instagram needed a makeover. So I decided to edit my Bio. A Bio is something about me. Something I want the people to know about me when they come to my page. While deciding what I wanted to put on there I considered the lessons we have been having about our Digitial DNA. And I really didn't know what that was at first. But now I do. I always knew that whatever you put out on the Internet can be seen by anyone. Even if you put your page on private. But what I didn't realize is just how much anyone can access... And it was kind of creepy in a way. But now I am more careful about what I put out there.

Abusing their Power?

We have been learning alot in our AOW's about just how much people are abusing their power. In the article it read that the police can track your phone maybe for good or maybe for bad. But my vote was that they were using it for good. Because what if you get abducted? Wouldn't you like the police to be able to find you and track you? Because I know I sure would. I would want people to know where I am. Even if I am just lost.