Cougar Call

Volume I, Issue VII

Elf Giggles

Remember, Christmas isn't about how big the tree is, or what's under it. It's about who's around it

1. What do you get when you deep fry Santa Claus?

2. Who says "Oh, Oh, Oh!"?

3. What did the monkey sing on Christmas day?

4. What do snowmen do on Christmas?

5. What flies when it's born, lies when it's alive, and runs when it's dead?

6. Why is Santa so good at karate?

7. What's red and white, red and white, red and white?

8. Why was Santa's helper depressed?

9. What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?

10. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?

11: What's a good holiday tip?

12. What you can call a polar bear which wears ear muffs?

13. Who is Santa's favorite singer?

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Elementary Elves Stay Busy for Christmas

Pre- K is having some fun events going on this Christmas season! The class had been making all sorts of projects. On December 3rd, they decorated gingerbread men and Christmas trees. The class had a visit from Santa yesterday, and also shopped at “Secret Santa” this morning buying gifts for our adopted family. The girls and boys in the class will be making holiday bell necklaces along with our Christmas presents and cards for their families Pre-K students will also be making a Christmas tree ornament by dipping a pine cone into melted crayons. Students have written letters to Santa. Some of those loetters are included in this edition of Cougar Call. On December 19, students will be having a Christmas party. Also going on with their Christmas time fun, the Pre-K class planted a garden. Some of their radish harvest is pictured below. Their winter garden has broccoli, Swiss chard, greens, lettuce, spinach, and carrots. The class and Mrs. Mary Ramsdell say a huge thanks to Town and Country for helping them with their garden!

The first grade will also be having a Christmas party, where the class will eat pizza and watch a Christmas movie as they stay cozy in their pajamas!

Second graders are having many events going on during this time as they are reading a chapter book about the winter holidays. For every holiday in the book, the students will have a special activity in which people actually celebrating the holiday participate. The holidays include: Three Kings Day, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Korean New Year, and, last but not least, Christmas. Their holiday activities will be full of fun, crafts, and learning!

The fourth graders are having a Christmas party filled with desserts on December 19th. The class has been making dioramas for Native American tribes, These dioramas describe the tribes lived.

Also, the fifth grade will be having a Christmas party the Friday PAC gets out of school. Mrs. Helen Harmon said the class would be having a gift exchange, snacks, and a day full of games!

All elementary students celebrated the Christmas season with an array of music and skits on December 4, 2014. at the PTO supper. The skits and music, directed by the school music teacher, April Allen, included students in grades Pre-K through

fifth. These students gave a wonderful performance. The program’s theme was “Sing a Song of Christmas” created by Ed Kee and Rhonda Frazier. The program presented a video as part of the musical.

Prior to the elementary performances, the school’s Grandparents’ Club auctioned off holiday wreathes. The auctioneer for the events was none other than alumnus, and area auctioneer, Seth Harvey.

Working behind the scenes were Bobbi Sauls, sound; Chase Olson, lights; Marissa Mooneyham, program handout; Traci Brady and Ashley Johnson, visual presentation; and program set up was done by the varsity girls’ basketball team.

Mrs. Allen said “All of the kids’ hard work paid off after many weeks of practicing the songs over and over again. The recital went really well, and the children did an outstanding job.”

By: Haley Tyler with the help of Judy Nelson

Friday Night Lights End with Memorial Day

In the state semi-finals the Cougars defeated Monsignor Donovan 38-27 after four very tough quarters. Hunter Knox led the Cougars’ offense with 267 yards and three touchdowns. Hank Strickland and Zach Beggs each had a touchdown. Chase Young helped out by kicking a 39 yard field goal. Winning this game sent the Cougars into the State AA Championship game against Memorial Day School from Savannah, Ga.

Although the Cougars played a great game, they couldn’t outscore Memorial. The Cougars lost 42-35 against Memorial for the GISA AA State Championship Game. Hunter Knox led the Cougars' offense with 168 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. Knox also completed a touchdown pass of 48 yards to Michael Edwards. Jeremiah Dave and Zach Beggs each had a rushing touchdown. The Cougars were with Memorial every step of the way until the last minutes of the game. At one point the Cougars even had a lead on Memorial. The Cougars just couldn’t beat Memorial’s defense. Now that the 2014 Cougar Football season is over, the team says goodbye to 11 seniors. The seniors leaving are: Zach Beggs (quarterback), Hunter Knox (running back), Gavin Edge (defensive end), Peyton Cantera (offensive/defensive line), Jeremiah Dave (fullback/linebacker), Mikey Davis (special teams), Chase Young (kicker), Hank Strickland (wide receiver), Hunter Pope (special teams), Seth Wiles (special teams), and Hunter Burson (guard). Great Season Cougars!!!

BY: Joseph Anderson

The Beginning of a Busy Season

The Lady Cougars faced the Gatewood Lady Gators Thursday, November 20th. The Cougars were defeated 69-21. Amelia Dodson led the team in points scored with 7; Madison Burnham had 4 points, Remington Marsh and Cheyenne Galloway both with 3, and Alexis Dodson and Madison McCart both adding 2 points each to the scoreboard. Coach Wilson said “the girls’ effort was there, but I feel like they let the other girls intimidate them. They were not as aggressive as I know they can be, but other than that, I am not disappointed.” The team hustled throughout the game but it just wasn’t good enough. Coach Wilson also says that the girls are a lot better than the score shows, and he knows that for a fact because of the effort the girls give in practice. “It also was not fair to Cheyenne to have to step up and take over point guard because she isn’t our regular ball handler, but she showed great leadership by stepping up to do so. I am excited to have Haley Tyler back in the lineup and see how the season goes from there. There is always room for improvement. And I believe that that is what we as a team and individuals will do.”

The middle school boys also faced the Gatewood Gators. The boys fought hard, but sadly, fell a little short. The final score of the game was 28-25. The leading scorer of the game was Sam Younker with 11 points. Tate Marks followed with 7 points, Dylan Coe with 4, and Sam Write also added 3. Coach Wilson was very happy about the outcome and improvement of the boys from this time last year to now. Wilson said “It was a very great game, and my boys were very aggressive. I am excited for this year and the years to come for this group of boys.”

The middle school girls started the night with the first game. The girls fell short Coach Kirstie Lewis said “I was very proud for their first game. The girls worked hard, and they did exactly what we talked about. Most of the girls showed promise for the rest of the year, and definitely showed they will don’t give up. With that game it showed me exactly what we need to work on, and I fully expect to win many games throughout the season!"

The varsity boys did not play Thursday night against Gatewood, because most of the guys were still in football, and had to play for the State Championship that Saturday.

On Wednesday, December 3rd, the varsity girls and boys teams faced Flint River Academy in Woodbury. The girls had a tough match battling throughout the game. The Lady Cougars lost 25-21 in the fourth quarter. They played magnificent defense and, at times, looked like an all-around awesome basketball team. The Lady Cougars played hard until the very last second. There is definitely improvement going on within the team. At one point in the game, the Cougars led the game by 15 points. The leading scorer of the game was Remington Marsh with 9 points, Cheyenne Galloway had 5 points, Haley Tyler put 3 points on the board, Amelia Dodson and Makennah Holifield each put 2 points up. Coach Wilson said “I was excited for the improvement of game one to game two, but there are still things to work on. The girls need to work on self-confidence, and need to realize they can be a good basketball team.”

The varsity boys pulled out a win with the score being 38-26. Jeremiah Dave scored 3 points early in the game, Zach Wilson scored 2 points, Parker Clark put up 1, Chandler Burrell led the team with 17 points, Mack Brady had 5, Chris McClain added 3, and Zach Beggs put 3 points up. Coach Wilson said “I am pleased with the win, especially with only having two practices. We had an intense defense and played very aggressively on offense and defense. The game went exactly as I expected it. Our shot selection definitely needs to be worked on because some of the guys need to learn that they all cannot be 3-point shooters. We also have to work on basketball conditioning and getting our boys into shape.”

On December 5, the middle school girls and boys and varsity boys’ team played Young Americans Christian School. Every team came out of the day with a win. The middle school girls won 23-11. The scorers of the game were Madison McCart leading the game with 8 points, Lucy Tuggle had 6 points, Madison Sanders put 4 points on the board, Jordan Camp and Hailey Hooper both had 2 points, and Mattie Johnston also contributed 1 point.

The middle school boys’ team had a score of 37-33 at the end of the game. Owen Brady was a huge part in this score by scoring 13 points, along with J.T Webb with 10 points, Tate Marks with 8 points, Sam Wright added 3, Caleb Coffey had 2, and also Dylan Coe had 1 point. This group of boys has a great future ahead of them.

The PAC varsity boys continued to have a great start to their season. They defeated the YACS 56-31. Chandler Burrell had an excellent game and put up a total of 20 points on the scoreboard. Mack Brady contributed 12 points in the game, and right behind him, Zach Beggs put 11 points on the board. Jeremiah Dave had 6 points, Zach Wilson had 3, and both Michael Edwards and Chris McClain both had 2 points in the game. The boys gave the game their all and came out with what they wanted.

The next day, December 6, the varsity teams played Bethlehem Christian Academy. The Lady Cougars played an excellent ball game, and came out with a win of 41 to 16. Haley Tyler led the game in points having 15. Remington Marsh had 9 points, all being 3 pointers, Matti Smith had 7 points, Cheyenne Galloway had 6 points, Makennah Holifield added 3 points, and Madison Burnham also had 1 point. The girls played very smart physically and mentally, and didn’t let themselves get silly fouls. All of the girls played very calm and collected, and didn’t let bad calls get in their heads. Wilson said “I was happy the girls could win by such a large margin. It was definitely the result we needed after the season they had last year, and it was a great confidence boost.”

The boys also defeated Bethlehem Christian Academy. Mack Brady shot a buzzer beater winning the game for the Cougars leaving the score 58-55. It was a back and fourth game, but all the guys scoring and playing good defense is what kept them in the game. Chandler Burrell leaded the game with 22 points; Mack Brady had 14, Zach Beggs added 12 points, Zach Wilson and Jeremiah Dave both had 4 points in the game, and also Michael Edwards had 2 points. Wilson stated “It is tough to win back to back games, but I am proud that the found a way to win the game.” He continued to say “It is definitely the “shot in the arm” that our team needed with the lackluster season we had last year.”

On Tuesday, December 9th, the varsity girls and boys were defeated by Covenant Christian. The Lady Cougars score was 41-33. The girls fought the whole game keeping a back and forth score throughout the whole game until the last quarter. Amelia Dodson was the star of the game while leading the team with her 16 points, 10 of them being in the first quarter. Remington Marsh had 3 3- pointers giving her a total of 9 points, Cheyenne Galloway put 4 points on the board, and Haley Tyler and Madison Burnham both contributed 2 points each. Wilson says, “The girls had great effort, and outplayed Covenant in most parts of the game. However we struggled putting the ball in the basket but I feel confident we will improve on that area daily.”

The boys lost with a score of 64-45. It was a tough game for the boy and Wilson commented “It was disappointing, but I thought the effort was well,” He continued to say, “The boys fought really hard, but Covenant played very well and shot exceptionally well. I can’t wait to see both the boys and girls in January when I think the outcomes will be different. ” Mack Brady was the leading scorer of the game, and he had 13 points, Chandler Burrell was right behind him with 10 points, Jeremiah Dave scored 6 points, while Zach Wilson put 5 points up on the board. Also, Michael Edwards scored 4 points, Zach Beggs added 3, and both Chris Cain and Chris McClain had 2 points each.

This has definitely been a busy start to the season, but it will only make the teams better. Both the high school and middle school teams will come back after the break ready to improve, learn, and win some games. After the break, the season will get harder, more competitive, and region will be right around the corner for the high school team. The teams need all the support they can get, and time for the teams to get ready to make a statement!

The Cougars will face John Milledge Academy December 10th, in Milledgeville. Come out and support each team as they face the Trojans


BY: Haley Tyler


As a first year squad, the cheerleaders had a successful season. Through the six months of dedicated hard work, the squad’s performances shocked everyone, even themselves. The squad’s confidence and dedication grew as the girls realized their capabilities.

“The Piedmont Competition Cheerleaders have shown so much progress throughout this season. At our first competition on October 25th, our focus was just to go out on the floor with a clean routine. The girls did just that. However, the girls, as well as the coaches, quickly figured out that if we wanted to score higher at the next competition we really had to work on more difficult stunts, tumbling, and jumps in our routine. The girls came in each week ready to work on these different skills to make their team the best it could be. They continually progressed throughout the season as a team as well as individually. They worked hard and each week were able to bump up the routine on the difficulty level. Although we did not place at any competitions this season, the girls were able to raise their score by several points at every meet. At the beginning of the year, all our elite stunts were only hitting at the half point. After a lot of hard work and dedication throughout the season, we had all our elite stunts hitting in full extension by the last two competitions. We also had several girls get their running back handsprings this season. With it being the first ever competition season at PAC, this has definitely been a learning season for both the girls and the coaches. It has been an amazing experience to watch how far these girls have come as a team since last May,” Coach Helen Harmon said.

Although the squad had a good season, they did face obstacles including: the routine being changed almost every day, a lack of tumbling, and a battle with injuries. The squad’s injuries varied from busted lips to broken bones; however, these injuries did not stop the girls from finishing practices and preforming on Saturday mornings.

“Near the end of the season my chest was really bothering me. My mom took me to the doctor and I got an x-ray and found out I have two broken ribs and a broken breast plate. I decided to finish out the season, because there were only two competitions left. I guess I just didn’t want to let the team down and I knew it would only take two minutes and thirty seconds of pain and that’s it,” sophomore Bailyn Whitaker said.

The squad battled to get through their routine; they accomplished what was needed, although they never placed. Since day one, the squad had a goal to beat their average score week by week, as they did. This being the first year, the girls and coaches had much to learn and leave several ideas for the future.

“Even though practice gets rough, keep your heads up. Practice hard every day, even though some days will be rough. Don’t let the negative comments bring you down. Once the school sees you as a squad, their minds will change because they will see where the hard work is taking you. Cheer is a chance to bond, just have fun! Leave the drama in the classrooms; do not bring the bad attitudes to the mats. It’ll become a miserable experience. All the hard work and injuries pay off in the end. We promise. Every girl to join the squad is going to love to compete on Saturday mornings,” seniors JaDe' Padgett, Parker Kelly, and Dana Wright said.

Cheering is a chance to build friendships, memories, character, and confidence. The squad did this through the good, the bad, and the ugly. The girls were impressed with what they overcame and what they achieved. At the beginning, the girls thought this season was going to be full of embarrassment and of being made fun of; however, the season came out very different than their expectations. The girls hoped this season caught the attention of other girls encouraging them to be a part of future squad(s).

BY: JaDe' Padgett

One Act Takes State

One Act recently won its third state title at the GISA AA State Competition at Darton State College. They performed The End of Civilization as We Know It by Mark Kaufmann. The play is about a group of students on the morning of their history final. They hear that their teacher, Mr. Mangles is absent, but, when they arrive at class, he is present. They later find out the test is not as they thought. Mr. Mangles is played by Will Tillman. He was congratulated for his performance at the region competition. PAC received the title by four ranking points due to all three judges ranking them first. The group also received an honorable mention performance award for the entire group of 13 actors. The judges commended the group's high energy and character involvement.

Steve Martin, who played “Sam Morpone” and Maddie Mooneyham, who played “Mimi Rowe” were both awarded outstanding performance awards. The rest of the cast included Gabe Courtman(Joe Rubiac), Cameron Hallman (Cathy McCann), Andrew Mitchell (Ted Hogan), Chase Olson (Ben Kowalik), Morgan Leach (Lily Trent), Nick Maynard (Leezel Crane), and Danny Ramsdell (Justin Garfield). Also in the play with non-speaking roles were Christopher Cain, Summer Collins, Bridgette Phillips, and Matti Smith.

BY: Sarah Holland

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Clay Crushing Cougars Shooting Toward State

The Clay Crushing Cougars shot at four competitions this year. The first competition was at Ocmulgee Gun Club on September 20th. At this meet, Piedmont shooters shot two rounds of skeet and 100 sporting clay. The second competition was at Tom Lowe Gun Club on September 27th. Here, shooters shot two rounds of skeet and two rounds of trap. The third competition was at Ocmulgee Gun Club on October 18th. Here, shooters shot two rounds of skeet and 100 sporting clay. The fourth and final shoot was the last eligible competition to qualify for the State Competition. At Old Hudson, shooters shot two rounds of trap and 100 sporting clay.

Following these meets Joseph Anderson, Andrew Chapko, Anne Marie Hildebrant, Mitch Marsh, Noah Quick, Zach Sanders, Morgan Tillman, Preston Tyler, Mike Weatherly, and Hunter Whiting qualified for the State GISA Competition shotgun shoot. Joseph, Andrew, Anne Marie, Mitch, Noah, Zach, Morgan, and Hunter qualified for skeet by hitting at least 20 of 25 clay targets at least one time during any competition meet. Joseph, Andrew, Anne Marie, Mitch, Noah, Zach, Morgan, Preston, and Hunter qualified for sporting clay by finishing in the top 75th percentile in at least one of the meets. Anne Marie, Zach, Mike, and Hunter qualified for trap by hitting at least 20 of 25 clay targets at least one time during any meet.

Congratulations to Anne Marie for placing second overall at the State Competition in both skeet and trap. Anne Marie hit 84 out of 100 trap and 90 out of 100 skeet.

Coach Brian Marsh stated, “Being the 2nd year that we competed at state we did fair and we have a lot of work to do to be in the top 5 teams for next year. I am very proud of Anne Marie this year for her performance at State. This is the second year she has placed at state. Overall we have a strong team.” Assistant Coach Alison Hildebrant said, “I felt this year was a wonderful opportunity to work with an outstanding group of young people. It is amazing to me to see the improvement from start to finish of everyone. I look forward to next year and hope that everyone stays with it.”

BY: Joseph Anderson

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Christmas Around The World

Christmas , though a Christian holiday all over the world, is celebrated very differently depending on where one is in the world.

Sweden, instead of having a day labeled “Christmas” on December 25th, has its celebration on December 13th. The Swedish people call it St. Lucia Day, which is in honor of one of the earliest Christian martyrs who was killed by the Romans in 304 BC. It is often celebrated by a girl dressing up in a white gown with a red sash around her waist and crown of candles around her head. The crown symbolizes new life in winter. Schools often hold a procession filled with carols led by the girl. People usually eat Lussekatts for breakfast, which are raisin buns flavored with saffron. The main feast is eaten on December 24th. The feast mostly consists of a buffet, known as julbord. The meal often includes turkey, salads, pickles, an array of bread and butter, sausages, meat stuffed cabbage rolls, oven roasted pork ribs, cheeses, and liver pate. Sweet pastries and pepparkakor (a ginger biscuit) are often eaten for dessert. After exchanging presents, people sometimes eat rice porridge with raspberry jam and cinnamon.

Christmas is mostly celebrated in major cities in China, since only 1% of the population identifies with the Christian faith. The majority of those celebrating use plastic trees and decorate them with paper chains, flowers, and lanterns. The tradition of giving out apples on Christmas Eve is increasing. While here in the US, we listen to a large variety of Christmas songs throughout the season, Jingle Bells is particularly popular among the Chinese.

In England, homes are often decorated with holly, ivy, and mistletoe. Instead of an array of different cookies being left out for Santa on Christmas Eve, British children usually leave out mince meat pies and brandy for “Father Christmas” on Christmas Eve. The tradition of writing letters to Santa is prevalent here as well. Instead of sending it through the mail, the letter is commonly thrown in the fire. This is based on the belief that Father Christmas can read the children’s hopeful wish lists in the smoke.

Japan has a slightly different outlook on the holiday spirit. Instead of being a time filled with religious fervor, the Japanese fill their holidays with joy over their significant other. Christmas Eve is often spent on romantic walks and candle-lit dinners. Christmas Day is not an official national holiday, so schools and businesses are often still open on December 25th. A popular dish eaten on Christmas is fried chicken, and, more specifically, KFC fried chicken! The one small present given each child is layed on their pillow while they sleep on Christmas Eve.

Germany exchanges presents on Christmas Eve. Germans often use Advent calendars to count down the days until Christmas, and light candles each Sunday of Advent. Christmas trees play a large role in the celebrations in Germany. Traditionally, the trees will be brought in on Christmas Eve and decorated in secret by the Mother of the family. Germany is known for their hand blown glass ornaments. In some regions, the children will write letters to Christkind (The Christ Child). They will often decorate it with sugar glued to the envelope to make it more attractive. They place the letters on the windowsill at the beginning or during Advent. The Christkind is often portrayed as a young girl with ‘Christ-like’ qualities. December 6th has been deemed St. Nicholas’ Day. He brings small gifts on the night of December 5th and puts them in the children’s shoes, which they leave outside their door. They are given the larger presents on December 24th. Some areas of Germany disagree and believe that the Christkind brings the presents, while some say it is Father Christmas. The Germans have a tradition in which a door (at small work places and schools) will be opened just wide enough for secret presents to be thrown into the room. The presents are then passed around until everyone gets their designated gift. It is considered bad luck to find out the person who gave them the present. Christmas Carolers are common in Germany between December 27th and January 6th. There are usually four children who dress up for the occasion. Three will dress up as the Wise men and the other will carry a star on a stick (the Star of Bethlehem.) Once the singing is finished, they will collect money for charity and then write Christmas and the year above the front door in chalk. Washing the date away is considered bad luck. Germans often eat Stollen (fruited yeast bread) and Carp or Goose on Christmas.

In Russia, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th due to the fact that the Russian Orthodox church uses the old Julian calendar for religious celebration days. Officially, the holidays last from December 31st to January 10th. On Christmas Eve, some people fast until they see the first star. When they do, they eat porridge made from wheat or rice with honey, poppy seeds, and fruit. After they eat, people typically go to midnight church services. Presents are brought on New Year’s Eve instead of Christmas Eve.

Celebrations and foods are unique to the country where one celebrates the season. Would you like to visit another country during the holidays?

BY: Sarah Holland

Christmas vs. Winter Holidays

There has been recent debate over what the holidays should be called. Some believe the break should be deemed the classic “Christmas Holidays.” They believe it is a religious time and that the name should include Christ. This group states, “We’re trying, as a society, to whitewash Christmas, and make it about the gifts and other secular aspects, when it should be focused in the birth of Christ.” This group does not wish to call the break “Winter Holidays” taking Christ out of Christmas. They want to bring this time of year back to its roots and reduce the focus on material objects.

Some non-Christians wish for the season to be called the “Winter Holidays.” This position considers the fact that other beliefs are steadily growing throughout the nation into their argument for a name change. They feel that other religions should be represented as well, even if they don’t belief specifically in Christ. This group does not want any more cultural assimilation, which, according to Google, is the process by which a person or a group's language and/or culture come to resemble those of another group, to occur.

At this point

, the holidays are still termed as the “Christmas Holidays,” though the argument still continues. What do you think it should be called?

BY: Sarah Holland

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Santa Letters

Leading up to December 25 the world’s most adorable children debate the most important question of the Holiday season. "What do I want for Christmas?" Children of all ages form lists of the latest toys and games they would like to receive. But who do they ask for all this stuff? Why not Mr. Christmas himself? Writing letters to Santa has become a tradition throughout the world. Some of the smaller kids can be super adorable in their childlike obsession with Santa. This year the Cougar Call staff asked teachers to send in their students' letters to Santa. The results were beyond cute:

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the presents you brought last year. I have been good. I really like Pepa Pig. Can you bring me Papa Pig toys?

Love ,

Sarah Ellen

Dear Santa,

Please don’t get lost when you come to see me. I would like a Pop the Pig and other presents. Make sure you bring me a lot of candy canes.

Love Bella

Dear Santa,

How many reindeer do you have? I would like some Beados, My Baby All Gone, and a singing, talking, chirping bird.

Love Abby

Dear Santa,

I really want a puppy and a leash. I want a jingle bell too. Can I have Rudolf, a stuffed animal Rudolf. Please bring my brother some presents too.



Elf Giggles Answers

  1. Crisp Kringle.

  2. Santa walking backwards!

  3. Jungle bells, Jungle bells...

  4. Play with the snow angels.

  5. Snow.

  6. A. Because he has a black belt

  7. A. Santa Claus rolling down the hill.

  8. A. He had low ELF-esteem.

  9. A. Claustrophobic.

Paws at a Glance


•Wrestling match- home @5:00- VS. Loganville Christian Academy, Brandon Hall, Gatewood, John Milledge Academy, and Windsor


•Varsity Basketball- home @5:00- VS. Covenant


•Varsity football, middle school football, and cheerleading awards banquet @6:30


•Middle school basketball- away @6:00- VS. Brentwood


•Middle school basketball- away @4:00- VS. John Milledge Academy

•Varsity basketball- away@6:00- VS. John Milledge Academy

•Elementary chapel

•Wrestling tournament @Westfield


•Wrestling tournament @Westfield