No to sex

Charkaia Richardson

Overall Consequences of sex

1. Getting an STD

2.Getting pregnant

3.The other person doesn't care about your feelings they just wanted sex

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STD'S-Major Consequences

1.Genital Warts



4.Hepatitis B




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Birth Control Methods (5 best-worst)

1.The Pill

2.The Patch

3.Nuva Ring

4.Depo Provera

5.Male Condom

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Responsibilities of having a baby

1.making time for your baby

2. getting a job


4.making sure your baby is healthy

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Safe delivery act

1. A women has up to 72 hours to drop her baby off at the hospital with no questions ask


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under age sex consequences



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Benefits of abstinence

  1. Having sex with an individual has psychological repercussions. If there is a breakup, increased chances of depression and unstable mental health are higher.
  2. You won’t need to hide anything from your parents or your friends, which takes a lot of pressure off your back and helps strengthen your relationship with them.
  3. Sexual abstinence is the only 100% guarantee that you won’t get an STD. (While latex condoms can help prevent some STDs, they are not nearly 100% effective. Condoms don’t prevent against HPV, gonorrhoea, or genital herpes among many other STDs)
  4. Sexual abstinence is the only 100% guarantee that you won’t become a mommy or a daddy until you’re ready.
  5. Practising sexual abstinence is a great way to get to know your boundaries and develop a stronger relationship emotionally and spiritually with the person you are dating.
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