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College Newsletter - Term Three Week 4 - 10 August 2018


Dear Parents, Students and College Community,

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, I had the opportunity of interviewing the candidates for College Captains for 2019 with Mr Dryw Edwards and Mr Michael Rathmann. The students who were interviewed were selected through the voting of Year 11 students and staff. The candidates presented themselves extremely well and spoke with confidence, making the decision a very difficult one. I met with the Year 11 students and staff on Monday to announce the College Captains. I am very happy to announce to the community that Briar Norman and James Rourke have been selected into these positions for 2019. Congratulations Briar and James.

Diagnostic Testing

Tomorrow, the incoming Year 7 students commencing in 2019 will complete their test. The purpose of the testing is to provide information to assist the College in putting forward the best educational practice in place for each student. I wish all students who are completing the test all the very best.

LEAD Award in Discipleship and Immersion program.

On Wednesday, I was lucky enough to attend the annual CEWA breakfast. At this breakfast, the LEAD Awards for excellence are presented to schools along with recognition of staff who have served 30, 40 and 50 years in Catholic Education. Emmanuel was awarded a LEAD Award in Discipleship for the College Immersion partnership with Ngalangangpum School in Warmun.

Fittingly, the students and staff from the College are currently completing their immersion experience this week. I had the opportunity to speak with Mr Martinskis this week, and he commented that the students were grateful to have the opportunity to attend this immersion program. The students always come back with a new insight into how lucky we are here in Perth. This includes the many opportunities provided for the students and their ability to have access to so many items we take for granted.

I look forward to hearing the many stories from the current group of students and staff on their return to the College next Monday.

Holy Day of Obligation - Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Celebrated every year on August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary commemorates the death of Mary and her bodily assumption into Heaven. It signifies the Blessed Virgin's passing into eternal life and is the most important of all Marian feasts and a Holy Day of Obligation. The College will be hosting Mass, and I encourage all families to come and attend on Wednesday morning at 8.50am in the SPACE.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mrs Patricia Gray who will cover some of Mr Silver’s classes while he is the Head of Year 8 for the next seven weeks. As advised earlier this term, I would also like to remind families that next Friday 17 August is no longer a Pupil Free Day and is a normal school day for staff and students.

God Bless,

Mr Vince Bellini - Principal


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This one made me laugh out loud when I first heard it.

A Priest and a Rabbi get into a car accident, and it's a bad one. Both cars are total write offs but amazingly neither cleric is injured.

After they crawl out of the remains of their cars, the Rabbi sees the Priest's clerical collar and says, "So you're a priest. And I am a rabbi. Just look at our cars. There's nothing left, but we are unhurt. This must be a sign from God. God must have meant that we should meet and become good friends and live together in peace for the rest of our days."

The Priest replies, "I agree with you completely. This must be a sign from God."

The Rabbi continues, "And look at this. Here's another miracle. My car is completely demolished but this bottle of whisky didn't break. Surely God wants us to drink this and celebrate our good fortune."

He offers the bottle to the Priest who willingly takes a few big swigs, and hands the bottle back to the Rabbi.

The Rabbi takes the bottle, immediately puts the cap on, and hands it back to the Priest.

The Priest asks, "Aren't you having any?"

The Rabbi replies, "No thanks. I think I'll wait for the police."

Fr Bryan Rosling - College Chaplain


College Calendar

  • 13-17 August - Football Academy Trials
  • 15 August - Year 7-9 Junior Basketball Carnival
  • 20 August - Year 12 Parent Information Evening
  • 20-24 August - Book Week
  • 30 August - Year 8 Fathers Day Liturgy & Breakfast
  • 4 September - Teresa Feast Day
  • 5 September - College Tour
  • 7 September - Year 9 Retreat Day
  • 10 September - ACC Division "C" Athletics Carnival
  • 10-14 September - Enviro Week
  • 27 August -14 September - OLNA Writing, Reading & Numeracy Assessment
  • 11 September - Francis & Lisieux Feast Days

For our current College calendar go to: Calendars


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Year 11 Parents & Students: Year 12 2019 Subject Selection

Parents and students in Year 11 should have received an email outlining the process for making their Year 12 subject selections for 2019. Students will be completing their selections online.

The email will contain instructions as well as a unique code that is required to complete the selections. After completing selections students are advised to print off a hard copy of their selections that can be kept as a record.

It is important that students complete their selections by Wednesday 15 August (Week 5).

If students have any questions Mr Rathmann, Mrs Beedie or Mr Sackett will be able to assist them, and parents should contact Mrs Maree Day to schedule an appointment day.maree@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Year 10 Parents & Students: Year 11 2019 Subject Selection

The Subject selection process for Year 11 2019 has now concluded. If you have any queries or have not made your selections for next year, please contact Mr Sackett, Mrs Beedie, or Mr Foote as soon as possible.

Year 12 Online Student Declaration

All Year 12 students need to complete the online declaration regarding releasing their Year 12 results for WACE graduation.

Please go to https://wace.wa.edu.au/PublishWaceResult/index.html and complete the declaration immediately. The final date for this to be completed was Thursday 9 August.

Students who drive

All students are reminded once again to be responsible when driving. It is essential for the safety of all community members, particularly young children, that drivers are attentive, keep to the speed limits and remain safe on the roads.

God Bless

Mr Peter Sackett - Deputy Principal Years 11 and 12 | Curriculum


Online Literacy & Numeracy Assessment (OLNA) – Years 10-12

All Year 10, 11 & 12 students whom the OLNA is relevant to, are reminded that the second opportunity to sit the OLNA tests is coming up in Week 7, Term 3 (Week beginning Monday 27 August). Families will receive notification regarding the specific OLNA testing dates and other relevant information in the weeks leading up to this date.

More information regarding the OLNA can be accessed here:


Mr Dryw Edwards - Assistant Deputy Principal | Events



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Inviting all current and past staff members to our 20th Anniversary Staff Soiree 6.30pm to 8.00pm Friday 7 September in our new The Arts and English Centre.

RSVP's are essential by 17 August via http://bit.do/eccopening

We look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate our 20th year!



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Last week, the College celebrated Languages Week.

Student Services hosted a display of multicultural items and a student centred display board.

Students were treated to a Form quiz (won by 9 Mackillop, 7 Lisieux and 10 Teresa). Lunchtime activities such bocce, masterclasses and a pizza scavenger hunt were organized throughout the week, all in aid of heightening students’ awareness of languages.

I wish to personally thank Mrs Mel Ormshaw for her assistance with the display, Mrs Michelle Borserio and Mrs Simone Yandell for their photos and a general thank you to all who assisted in some way.

Mrs Marianna Fisher - Italian Teacher



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The Year 11 and 12 students studying Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management course have been busy since the start of Term 3. The students have been out on three excursions.

Whitby Falls

The students visited the Murdoch University Research Farm teaching facility at Whitby Falls, Jarradale, where the students were introduced to new concepts in animal science, environmental science, forensics and water science with an agricultural focus.

Besides seeing experimental fruit, research bulls, cows and sheep, the students had to take soil samples from various paddocks and analyse the soils back here at the College. The soils have different treatments that provide different growing mediums for experimental crops. The Research Farm is researching alternative food sources for future generations.

APACE Nursery

The students then visited APACE Nursery in Fremantle where they received presentations on propagation. The Unit of Competency on propagation involves understanding the process of creating new plants from existing ones.

The students need to be able propagate plants in wholesale or retail nursery work or when doing revegetation or landscaping work. This could be when Bush Rangers are working for a Council, doing Bushranger work or when managing our own College garden.

Many species germinate easily when placed in a moist, warm environment. The students learnt that some seeds need special treatments before they are sown. These treatments copy natural processes, seeds would undergo in the bush e.g. fire, digestion by birds and animals, long periods in the sun and weathering or alternate periods of rain and sun.

Francois Peron National Park - Shark Bay

The students spent last week at Francois Peron National Park at Shark Bay. As a component of the accredited training, students must complete 40 hours of work in the Industry.

The work was designed to reflect workplace requirements and to equip a student to be an effective worker in the Industry. We were sponsored by the DPAW National Park Rangers and worked on daily tasks with them. The variety of tasks included fencing, clearing vegetation, relocating vegetation, building walk-ways, restoration of walk tracks and clearing fire breaks.

Amongst the many highlights, was observing sharks and eagle rays at Skip Jack Point and feeding the dolphins for the DPAW staff at Monkey Mia. It was a great experience for the students, working in such an isolated pristine area, observing the employment requirements, accepting responsibility for the quality of their work and at the same time helping to preserve this World Heritage listed National Park.

Thanks to Miss Mallon and Miss Milne for their fantastic assistance on the excursion to Shark Bay.

Mr Steve Prigg - HASS Teacher & Bush Rangers Coordinator



Our Year 9 and 10 students will begin preparing their big finale to their drama year. As part of their final assessment we will be staging a comedic parody of the Shakespeare play MacBeth.

This will be a student run production with limited seating available so you need to get in quick. It proves to be a very clever and fun script with random and hilarious moments lead by 3 witches filled with silliness and mischief.

We will be doing things a little different by creating an interactive and intimate performance space that really breaks ‘the 4th wall’ of the theatre. Watch out for smoking cauldrons, deception, drama and the occasional flying eyeball and my little pony! A night to be experienced and remembered.

The show will be performed on one night only 5 November 2018 at 5pm.

Come along and support our drama students!

Tickets $2 each on Trybooking, search: That Scottish Play


Mrs Hayley Parker - Teacher



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On Thursday the Year 10 drama students were treated to a private viewing of the underground archives at His Majesty’s Theatre.

We were given a private guided tour by Mr Ivan King OAM, a gem in the theatre crown, history of Perth and curator of the museum.

The students came away inspired by what the history and future of the Perth theatre scene has to offer.The items we viewed included the original ballet slippers worn by Margot Fonteyn. The REAL gold slippers worn by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960’s film Cleopatra as well as a collection of silk programs and even an original sketch of one of the first stage performances in Perth from the 1700’s.

A true treat for the ECC thespian community.

Mrs Hayley Parker - Teacher



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On Friday last week, our Year 8 Bush Rangers had Paul the Snake Whisperer visit with this collection of deadly or friendly reptiles. Students were able to see examples of some of the deadliest snakes found in the local area up close (through glass) and hear Paul’s stories and advice on how to deal with them. Whilst the Bush Rangers this term are focussing on identification and handling of fauna, these snakes were not on the handling agenda today.

After the venomous snakes were dealt with, Paul brought out some of his more friendly reptiles. Students were instructed how to hold, Spike and Milligan, the Central Bearded Dragons, Stimson Pythons at various ages and Cuddles and Crusher the Olive Pythons.

It was a great opportunity for student to get up close to animals that are often misunderstood. As you can see from the photos, the students had a blast.

Mrs Kylie Kingdon - Head of Humanities & Social Sciences



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On Tuesday 7 August, the Enviro Club had a Water Wise incursion. The presenter, Steve, talked about many different things like how the freshwater comes into your house and the how wastewater exits, and then people like Steve clean the wastewater so it is safe enough to be released into the ocean. Steve explained that the wastewater starts off by being screened to get rid of all the big clumps, then letting the water settle so that the small leftover particles sink to the bottom (this is called the Sedimentary Process). Then, they put oxygen into the water to encourage the good bacteria to fight the bad bacteria so the ‘wastewater’ is now good quality water.

Whilst the presentation was going on the Year 8 boys worked on the aquaponics which needed some draining due to the large amounts of rain we have had over the past few weeks. The Year 8 girls went to visit the worm farms, one of which had also seen too much water thanks to the rain. Both groups completed some hard work to deal with the massive amounts of rain we have had and will have in the coming days. They did a great job.

Maddison Loreto - Year 8 EELS Student



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Emmanuel’s Year 7/8 Boys Soccer team have continued their journey into the SSWA quarter finals by claiming yet another big scalp in the state-wide competition. Mr Ryan’s boys were greeted with great news at the start of Term Three, finding out that their victories against teams such as Corpus Christi and CBC Fremantle had gifted them a place in the knockout stages of the competition.

It was apparent that the challenge would be a difficult one as we were drawn to play our first game against Safety Bay SHS ‘A’ team, a soccer specialist school with talent to boast. The boys were not intimidated by this factor, taking the challenge head-on and putting in a mammoth performance. After chances missed by both teams and some terrific goal-keeping by Lachie Hegney, the score remained locked at 0-0 after full time. Extra time was upon us and tensions were high with both teams attacking with pace as the game opened up. With roughly three minutes left, ECC broke forward and midfield-maestro Jason De Brito played a ball into the pacey Matt Hamilton who worked his way into the penalty area and rifled a shot into the top corner of the goal. With the score at 1-0 Safety Bay pressed forward but were yet again neutralised by the ever-reliable Charles Betts and Riley Lawton who, in the blink of an eye, turned defence into attack. Matt Hamilton once again found space to shoot, this time being blocked by the goalkeeper who parried into the path of the nimble Stanley Brown who buried the ball into the back of the net, securing a 2-0 for the boys.

We continued on to the next round where Mazenod College awaited us. A strong yet quick team that the ECC boys knew would be tough to break down. The score was 0-0 at half-time with the game going back and forth but the boys went into the second half with confidence knowing that chances would come and the wind was behind us. Not long after the restart Jackson Pearce collected the ball about 30 yards from goal, spotted the keeper off his line and cleverly chipped the ball over his head, 1-0 to Emmanuel.

Mazenod were quick to respond and levelled the scores, we knew it was game-on again. With 5 minutes to go the tactical decision was made to send the dynamic Riley Lawton forward to score a winner and he did exactly that. Riley slalomed through their midfield and unleashed a rocket from long distance, sending the Emmanuel supporters into hysteria. Not long after Emmanuel ventured forward and were awarded a penalty. Captain Ashton Rebelo stepped up, calmly slotting the ball into the bottom corner. Full time Emmanuel 3, Mazenod 1. The boys now venture into unknown territory, SSWA quarter finals. The journey continues...

Mr Thomas Ryan - Team Coach



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It was another exciting week for our Emmanuel footballers with our Year 10’s winning the right to be named STATE CHAMPIONS for their year group at the ACC Football Carnival. Our Junior Boys (Year 8 and 9’s) are preparing for the final to be played at Optus Oval as the curtain raiser for the West Coast Eagles v Melbourne game on 19 August, our Junior Girls are having a rematch with Gilmore College away and Emmanuel hosted Fremantle Dockers players for a clinic on Friday morning.


After winning last week’s Carnival our boys qualified for the opportunity to be named STATE CHAMPIONS in the ACC Year 10 AFL Grand Final Carnival...... and they didn’t let it slip!

Emmanuel won all 5 games on the day and were deserved winners of being recognised as the best school football side in the state for Year 10’s.

At the start of the day we spoke of the opportunity for this talented group to realise their potential and start developing their legacy on the football field. Emmanuel had never won this recognition for a Year 10 group in the past, and our boys wanted to create history. To do this they needed to beat La Salle, Swan Christian, Chisholm, Mazenod and Bunbury Catholic College.

Our first game against La Salle was a great start for our group as we won by 51 points. We had seven different contributors for goals which was a good sign as we were sharing the load. The second and third games against Swan Christian and Chisholm were equally as impressive winning by 39 and 36pts respectively. By this stage it was evident that the winner of the State Champions title would come from the next game against Mazenod as they were the only other team undefeated.

Our first half against Mazenod was awesome as we scored 3.1 to their no score. Brandon Walker was dominant with two first half goals setting us up for what we thought was going to be a comfortable win. However, we underestimated our opponents and didn’t capitalize on our opportunities, as we missed 4 easy attempts at goal that would have put the game to bed.

The momentum swung dramatically with a 50 metre penalty being awarded to Mazenod which led to their first goal. From here the opposition garnered confidence and with two minutes left they were within 4 points. Our superb game management from this point to the final siren belied the age of our boys as they slowed the ball movement down, created repeat stoppages and maintained possession through short passing. What a win!!!!

Our final game was a bit of an anti-climax with Emmanuel defeating Bunbury by 41 points to win the title. This group created its own legacy winning all their games and the future is exciting for such a talented group. Over the five games there were many outstanding efforts. Brandon Walker was electrifying in the midfield along with our Captain Alex McCreanor, Blair Walsh, Robbie Burgess, Tristan Curovic and Angus Fraser. In our forward line we had Christopher Walker, Julian Hulten and surprising livewire’s in Justin Tang Yan and Ishe Mugwara converting their opportunities at goals, and our defensive line led by Ethan Datson and Liam Johnson, repelled many opposition attacks.

Well done to all those boys that played as you were not only worthy winners, but were humble and gracious in victory.

Mr Steven Pendleton & Mr Ryan Henley - Football Coaches


Junior Girls Football Rematch – Emmanuel v Gilmore College

It was a cold and wet afternoon on Monday as we travelled out to Gilmore College to tackle the Gilmore girls again. We were quietly confident going into the match, given our convincing win against them in the first round, however the side we played against this round were a lot stronger. They had four girls that didn’t play the first round and they were strong, skilful and loved to carry the ball.

The first half saw us control the ball for the first 10 minutes and capitalise with two goals. However, Gilmore started to impose themselves on the game and they overpowered us with some hard running and were breaking our tackles. At half-time it was a draw. The second half was similar to the first with Emmanuel once again hitting the front with a couple of goals and then Gilmore coming at us again. We held on to eventually win by four points and our tackling pressure in the second half improved immensely.

The exciting aspect was that we didn’t play our best game and still managed to win. Caitlin Arnoldi was superb in the back line and intercepted many of Gilmore’s efforts to score. Our midfield was once again excellent with Genevieve Brink, Alexi Brooker, Chloe James, Andy Johnson and Vahlenna Tankam working tirelessly. Our forward line needs a little work to provide Madeline Artemis with more support as she once again dominated when the ball was in her area kicking 2 goals and being involved in the others. Samantha Alder provided good tackling pressure in our forward line and was a welcomed addition to our squad.

Our next game is against Lakelands (at Lakelands) on Monday and we will be looking to make it 4 wins from 4 games!

Miss Kerry-Jayne Reynolds and Mr Thomas Ryan - Teachers


Fremantle Dockers visit

Our Year 8 Football Academy students hosted Fremantle Dockers players today as part of the Fremantle Dockers Community Development Program. Our students were very excited to see their heroes in the flesh and were taken through a series of football drills.

Another busy football week with more excitement to come, with our Junior Girls having important games coming up and our Year 8 and 9 boys playing off in the curtain raiser in two weeks’ time.

Mr Steven Pendleton - Football Academy Coordinator


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Our next College Tour is being held on Wednesday, 5 September at 4:00pm. Come along to explore our wonderful College facilities in a tour lead by our Student Leaders.

Please go to our website to RSVP your attendance or RSVP HERE.



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Please note that students with any requirements or queries are to go to the Student Services counter, not front reception. Front reception is for parent queries only. Thank you for your support.

Services available:

• Student attendance

• Late arrivals or early collections

• Extended, planned or unplanned leave

• Messages for your students throughout the day

• Student ID letters

• Secure storage area for medication, e.g. Epipen’s and Diabetic supplies.

• All First Aid - Sickbay and Student room

• Updates and logging of Action Plans

• Changes to medication information for students

• Pastoral Care and information point for students

Please contact Student Services on:

Student Services direct telephone number - 9414 4051

Absentee email – absentee@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Student Services SMS number - 0418 605 675



Enrolments at Emmanuel Catholic College

Interviews for Year 7 2020 (current Year 5 students) have now been completed and all places have been offered. We are still accepting late applications however, they will be placed on a waiting list and this includes any Sibling and Catholic applications.

As per our Enrolment Policy, we give preferential enrolment to Catholic families and siblings as long as there are places available. Read Enrolment Policy Here

Applications for Year 7 2021 are due now. Interviews for 2021 will commence early next year. The required copies of Year 4 School Reports can be submitted at the end of the year.

Our Application for Enrolment Form can be downloaded from our website www.emmanuel.wa.edu.au. If you require any further information please contact our Registrar Mrs Kelly Lister, on 9414 4055 or enrolments@emmanuel.wa.edu.au



Welcome to Term 3!

Statements for Term 3 have now been issued and the due date was Friday, 20 July 2018.

If you have not yet paid please make every effort to pay your account as soon as possible so that future plans and developments at the College are not affected.

If you are on a scheduled payment arrangement with the College, we advise you to review your payments to ensure your account will be finalised by the 19 October 2018.

A large number of families set up their arrangements based on the fees and charges set at the commencement of the year, but fail to include additional charges – VET charges and Instep. It is imperative that all families check their fee statement every term and make the necessary adjustments. It is distressing for families to get to the end of the year and find that the school fee account is in arrears. It is not the responsibility of the College to manage your school fee account.

If at any time you find that you are not able to manage your current repayment schedule, immediate contact must be made so that a meeting can be held to discuss the account.

Likewise, if you are experiencing any financial hardship please contact the College as we are quite amenable to making realistic payment arrangements for parents who find themselves in such situations.


Parents/Guardians please be advised that the Centralised BPAY Biller Service previously provided by Catholic Development Fund (CDF) has changed and the BPAY Biller Code unique to your school fee account is no longer valid. The new BPAY Biller Code is 280511 - please amend your banking records to reflect this change.

To discuss your school fees please contact either Maria or Rachel on 9414 4050 or via accounts@emmanuel.wa.edu.au

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation.



On enrolment of your child at Emmanuel Catholic College, it is a requirement that you grant or deny permission for your child's photographs to be used in College publications and on social media (ie College website, newspaper articles, College Facebook page and Digital signs).

If you do NOT want photographs of your child published online or submitted to the print media and you are not sure if you made this clear on your enrolment from, please notify the College's Marketing Office via email marketing@emmanuel.wa.edu.au immediately.

Parents are also reminded that the College does not authorise the publishing of photographs taken at College events, in which students other than your own child are included.

Permission of the other students' parents/guardian is required.



Uniform Shop Normal Trading Hours

Tuesday 7.45am - 1.00pm & Thursday 12.00pm - 5.00pm

For fittings please call 9414 4017 to book a time.

Uniform Booking forms for both girls and boys are also found on the College website Uniform Shop page.

Your Emmanuel Uniform Shop Team



One World Uniforms have launched our new College Scarf in beautiful navy white and teal to keep staff and students warm at Emmanuel Catholic College during the cooler months.

Grab your fabulous scarf now at the Uniform Shop for only $25.



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Safeguarding Project Director, Andrea Musulin, refers to the three ingredients in the recipe for crime: Motivation, knowledge and opportunity. The Safeguarding Project targets opportunity through Safeguarding Officers and through educational programs such as Protective Behaviours.

Protective Behaviours acknowledges children are vulnerable as they don’t have the knowledge and skills to defend themselves. “They lack knowledge on sexual issues (but it is not about) … learning about sex, … it is to … (provide) a range of strategies to increase … personal safety … (while) not giving them sexual knowledge beyond their years.” It involves … (so called) ‘Baskets of Knowledge’.

A child of six would have a full basket of knowledge about stealing but an empty basket about sex. “If asked to steal a chocolate bar they could draw on their basket to “push back” against doing that, … (but) if asked to take part in a sexual “game” they wouldn’t have anything to draw on.” Protective Behaviours provides the “pushback” by teaching how “it’s not okay to play games with your private parts … or to touch it … or touch others’ … or to have it photographed”. (1)

To learn how parents can teach their children Protective Behaviours, refer to the Safeguarding page on the Parish website, the Parent handbook on “Protecting God’s Children” or the workshop during Child Protection Week.

Workshops include: “Protecting God’s Children”; “Cyber Safety”; “Love, Sex and Relationships for Teenagers”. The Child Protection Breakfast is on Tuesday 4 September at 7:30am at the Duxton Hotel and don’t forget the Safeguarding Competition for school children. The overall winner receives a $500 gift voucher. Entries due Sunday August 19. Entry forms available from Student Services to be returned to Mr Middleton.

1. Quotes from the Protective Behaviours video are available at http://www.materchristiparish.com/Content/safeguarding


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Enrolments are currently open for ATAR one day Exam Boost Seminars and Term 3 school Holiday ATAR Revision Courses with Academic Task Force at Perth Modern School, Churchlands Senior High School or Rossmoyne Senior High School or Academic Associates at the University of Western Australia.

ATAR subject specialist teachers will help you revise your course content and prepare you for your exams. Courses will give you fresh insights into course concepts and tips on how to answer questions and gain maximise marks in your exams.

To find out more, click here.


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Notre Dame Open Day

Sunday 19 August

Kick-start your uni journey at the Notre Dame Open Day. Enjoy the atmospheric Fremantle campus, check out the facilities, enjoy music, food and games and get involved in the festivities.

For more information and to register for any events, visit notredame.edu.au/events


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We currently have vacancies for places in Years 2- 6 for 2018 and are welcoming Kindergarten applications for 2019. Please contact the school office for more information at hpcps.admin@cewa.edu.au or book a tour via our school website www.hammondparkcps.wa.edu.au


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Mater Christi Parish - Yangebup

Liturgy Times

MONDAY: 9am Mass

TUESDAY: 9am Mass

WEDNESDAY: 8.05am Mass at Emmanuel Catholic College

5pm Eucharistic Hour & 6pm Mass

THURSDAY: 9am Mass

FRIDAY: 9am Mass

SATURDAY: 5pm Reconciliation & 6pm Mass

SUNDAY: 8am Mass, 10am Mass & 5pm Mass


Emmanuel Catholic College

122 Hammond Rd

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Phone: 9414 4000