Take part in the movement of a lifetime!

We Want Justice!

First the Navigation Acts. The prices of necessities increase exponentially. Then the Sugar Act and the Quartering Act. And when we don't comply with their ridiculous demands? They take away our trial by jury! Then the Stamp Act, the Townsend Act, the Tea Act, and THE INTOLERABLE ACTS! With every new act, they increase the gap between rich and poor. They turn the poor against the rich! They take our money, they treat us unjustly, and they occupy our cities with armed troops. Will we stand for this?

Join the Fight for Justice!

We were all affected by the ruthless murders on the streets of Boston, whether we knew the innocent victims or not. Their armies aren't here to protect us! They're here to force conformity to unrealistic rules set by Britain! They're here to spill the blood of our people in our hometowns. Join the fight for justice- end the taking of innocent lives!

Join the Party!

It's the best party in town- LET THEIR TAXES SIT AT THE BOTTOM OF BOSTON HARBOR! They call themselves the "mother country", and they say they want what's best for us, but we know otherwise. They want what's best for themselves! They want our hard-earned money, they want the shirts off our backs, and they want it all for Britain. Will we simply stand by while our every necessity is taxed? While our trade is limited and our rights compromised by a nation across the ocean from us? Absolutely not!

Join or Die!

We need to stand together against Britain. With our feet planted firmly on on the soil of our home, we will unite ourselves against the foes who stand between us and happiness. How are we going to change anything unless we work together? The voice of one colony is too small to be hear, the voice of eight colonies is too weak to make a difference. So JOIN THE FIGHT! The fight for Liberty and justice. We need your support!


Author: Carson Stacy

October 7, 1765

My Dear Countrymen,

AWAKE! Awake, my Countrymen and defeat those who want to enslave us. Do not be cowards. You were born in Britain, the Land of Light, and you were raised in America, the Land of Liberty. It is your duty to fight this tax.

Future generations will bless your efforts and honor the memory of the saviors of their country.

I urge you to tell your representatives that you do not support this terrible and burdensome law. Let them know what you think. They should act as guardians of the liberty of their country.

I look forward to congratulating you on delivering us from the enemies of truth and liberty.

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