Peek Through Our Window

A glimpse into our week at YLS

October 9, 2015

26 Tisrei 5776

Dear Parents,

Take a peek through our window to see what we explored, discovered, created, celebrated, and wondered this week.

Shabbat Shalom,

Morah Chana, Morah Rachael and Morah Sharona


    • This week we explored the Hebrew text of Parshat Bereishit. We looked through the text to find the vocabulary words we had learned for the days of the week and for light and darkness. We also paid attention to the phrases that are repeated throughout the parsha.
    • We explored our world by going for another walk. This walk allowed us to observe our world in a new way by sorting that which Hashem created, that which was created by man, and those things that man and Hashem work together to create.
    • After learning about the first day of creation, we explored light and darkness. We used flashlights to create shadows. We discovered that we can use flashlights to manipulate our shadows to make them bigger or smaller, and we traced each other’s shadows to see how big they could appear.


    • This week we discovered that we completed the entire Torah! We spent some time unrolling and rolling our own Torah back to the beginning. This experience gave us an opportunity to realize just how many words are in the Torah as it took us quite a while to roll it back to the beginning!

    • Hashem made the birds and the fish on day number 5, and animals on day number 6. We wondered what makes them different that they would be created on different days. This led us to discover that animals live on land, birds live in the air, and fish live in the water. We spent some time playing a sorting game to categorize the Animals,birds, and fish by their features which helped us think deeply about where they live.


    • This week, as we learned Parshat Bereishit, we thought about how we are creators. We use a variety of materials to create and after spending some time creating during our play block, we reflected upon and shared our experience and process as creators.

    • We created our very own Bereishit books. Before writing, we thought about what we would need to be able to write in order to create our books. We then practiced writing the numbers and words necessary. After completing the books, we shared them with our peers and teachers.


    • This week we returned back to our learning space and celebrated being together!

    • In conjunction with our Beresheit learning, we decided to simulate an experience similar to that of Hashem’s when creating the world. We took our big blue blocks outside and worked on creating. After allowing for some hard work and thought to be given to our creations, we then came into our classroom to rest and celebrate Yom Shabbat, Yom Menucha with our weekly Shabbat oneg. What a special day! We are so blessed to have a day of rest!


    • As we reflected on Parshat Bereishit, we wondered as a class what Hashem created on each day of the week. This made us think about the order and sequencing.

    • We all agreed water is essential to the growth of plants, but we wondered how the water gets from the ground to all parts of the plant. Therefore, we used our STEAM lab and placed flowers and celery sticks in colored water so that we could study the water’s movement through the plants.

    Ivrit at YLS

    Dear Parents,

    This week we took words from this week’s parsha, Parshat Beresheit, that are connected to the children themselves, their lives and their surroundings. We reviewed the days of the week and we learned the difference between day and night. The songs we sang were also connected to day and night.

    Words we learned this week:

    During the day there is light- ביום יש אור

    During the day the sun is out- ביום יש שמש

    During the day I am at school- ביום אני בגן

    During the day I am awake- ביום אני ער

    At night it is dark- בלילה יש חושך

    At night the moon and stars are out- בלילה יש ירח וכוכבים

    At night I am at home- בלילה אני בבית

    At night I am sleeping- בלילה אני ישן

    In the song about לילה טוב- We put our heads on pillows with the lights out and pretended to go to sleep.

    In the song קרן שמש צהובה we learned how we wake up in the morning, get ready and go to school.