Covington Place News

Week of 11/10/14

And The Winner of the ANNUAL CHILI & SOUP COOK-OFF is...

ROBERT BALES! Congratulations to the 2014 Chili Master!

10 entries completed for the coveted title which was judged by local celebrity judges.

The event was sponsored by our Epic Social Committee. Duh!

Incidentally, the Social Committee is looking for your input into what events you'd like to see planned for 2015. Give it some thought and let Susie Keck know at!


If you've not driven back and looped around Plantation Circle in Laurel Lake recently then you are in for a big surprise - there's a lot of action taking place!

Side walks have been added, two houses are framed, the Model Home has the foundation poured, and a large number of lots have been cleared ready to begin building.

The prices which have been listed for the first 3 homes are $204K, $218K, and $277K. You can look on under Laurel Lake to see the specs of the homes that are currently listed for sale.

The photos shown below were taken on 11/8/14.

Drive back and take a look!
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The next meeting of the HOA Board of Directors will be on Tuesday, November 18th at 6:30pm in the Pool Clubhouse. The meeting is open to all CP Homeowners and residents.

Free Ads for CP residents who own local businesses

If you are a CP homeowner and you also own a local business, we will place an Ad for you in our newsletter once per quarter.

All you will need to do is provide an Ad that is print ready in JPG format. No other format will be accepted and no other verbiage will be added.

We began this service for the Oct-Nov-Dec 2014 quarter beginning with the first newsletter in October.

Send your Ad to before the Sunday you'd like it to be included during those 3 months. It will only run once.


For the overall safety of our neighborhood, the HOA provides each resident with green stickers to be placed on the rear window (lower left corner) of each vehicle you own. These stickers do not list our neighborhood name on purpose but are easily recognizable by the Covington Police and all CP residents. They are an extra safety precaution so that you know which vehicles belong in the pool/tennis court parking lot as well as driving around the neighborhood.

Send an email to and provide your name, street address, and the number of vehicles you have and they will be delivered to your mailbox.

If you trade vehicles or get a new one, don't forget to ask for new stickers too!

If you'd like a sticker for your golf cart, we can provide those as well. Just let us know!

Don't forget that if you need to park a camper or have overnight visitors, you need to place a VISITOR PASS on the dash of the vehicle with your name/address on it. This is to prevent a neighbor from calling the Covington Police regarding an unauthorized vehicle being left in our neighborhood. It's also a good safety precaution for the vehicle. Send an email to to obtain the Visitor Pass.



If anyone finds any of the CP HOA Phone Numbers to be incorrect or no longer valid, please send a message to with the correct phone number and which item it is for. We've heard that the Mailbox Repair/Replacement number may be incorrect but don't have this validated yet.
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Subdivision Services - 678-284-0244

Grace Management - 770-389-6528

Mailbox Repair/Replacement - Jonathan/Thomas Freeman, 770-356-7290

Clubhouse Rental - Kaye Plitt, 404-606-8062,

Covington Police - 911 or 770-385-2053

Green Vehicle Stickers - Send email to and provide street address and number of vehicles

Social Committee - Susie Keck,, 404-702-5032

Collins Pool Services - 770-389-9999

Pool Wi-Fi Password - 7707882543