Module 1 Overview

English IV Introduction

What to Expect

English IV will be focused around both college and career readiness.

We will be building necessary skills during the first few modules, then we will move into a bit of alternating between British literature text study and career skills development.

We will read from several iconic British texts, including Shakespeare.

Class Norms

-Review the Module Overview toward the beginning of the week and pace yourself accordingly

-Consult me first if you have a question about the work (before consulting Dr. Horne or other TOPS staff)

-Use standard, grammatical English in all coursework, including 3-2-1s and Discussion Board posts and replies

-Treat myself and each other with courtesy and respect in your interactions

-Follow TOPS policies in all things

Tasks for Module 1

1. Watch video and read the module 1 Overview (15-20 min)
2. Review: Syllabus, Grading Policy, Attendance Policy, and Late-Work Policy (30-45 min)
3. Complete:
A) Module 1 Overview Task
B) Course Policies/Documents
C) Interest Inventory
D) Journal 1
E) Writing from Stimulus Material
F) Argument Prompt

Need some Help?

  • Read the directions

  • Check the Reference Module for an example of new or unfamiliar tasks

  • Attend office hours on Mondays or Thursdays from 3-4

  • Set up an individual conference