Gavin Kash

Main Features of the Hurricane

Hurricanes happen over open waters, Hurricanes move in rotating motions and form strong rain and winds. Hurricanes produce other severe weather, such as strong thunderstorms.

How the Hurricane forms and what causes it

Water vapor is like the fuel for a Hurricanes water vapor Is one of the reasons it forms.

Hurricanes form in warm tropical water near the equator. They form near Atlantic Ocean or eastern Pacific Ocean.

Benefits from a Hurricane

One way a Hurricane can benefit Is it gives an important source of water that can lesson droughts. Like if a major river is in a drought and a hurricane comes it will have it a lot of water

Negative impacts of a Hurricane

Hurricanes are bad cause they can destroy homes an ruin animal habitats and destroy our forest. Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous tropical storms.

How it would be Beneficial to tell a Hurricane Ahead of Time

It would be beneficial because hurricane are very deadly storms that cause a lot of damage to people's homes and if they new ahead they can move to another area where they can be safe from a hurricane

How would Hurricanes would be Beneficial to People and the Environment

Without hurricanes it would get a lot hotter and the poles a lot colder.Hurricanes give nutrients from the seafloor to the surface, boosting ocean productivity

Link of a video of a Hurricane