Electronic Waste

November and December Activities (2020)

In November

  • The survey reports were compiled to compare and contrast.

  • Each school team collected information on electronic waste, its types, risks to environment and human health, its recycling through a task distribution. The students shared their findings on twinspace and created a pool for eWaste.

  • A fun game on eWaste (via kahoot)was created and played by the students and teachers.

  • The discussions topics on forum were created on eWaste to leave comment and exchange knowledge.

In December

The students prepared an eSeminar(with its materials)on eWaste and its subtitles through a collaborative work.

  1. The students were divided into four groups(one student from each partner school) and one teacher was promoted as a mentor teacher.
  2. Each group made their task distributions and preparations on FORUM for the task they were given.
  3. They worked on a collaborative tool such as Canva, Google, Triventy etc. and produced the pieces of eSeminar.
  4. The quiz, which is also a piece of eSeminar on eWaste, was played with the participation of the teachers and students on 18.12.2020 at 18.00 CET.
  5. The four pieces of eSeminar was combined like a puzzle and ready for sharing with the other target group.
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e - waste
e Waste presentation
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