Canavan Wins the New Assessment Challenge!

With nearly 60 teachers across the district participating in the New Assessment Teacher Challenge, Canavan wins for the highest percentage of participation.

Thanks to EVERYONE who participated!!

Find out what teachers thought about the various questions by checking out their answers (sans identification!) at the links below...

Challenge 1 Answers

"I like that it was interactive. I like that it was computer-based and then they have to write the responses to the rounding question. I think it would be challenging for a 4th grader."

Challenge 2 Answers

"The type of ship to move coal to St Louis is also a bit odd...looks like a canoe! "

Challenge 3 Answers

"I know I didn't write essays in 7th grade. I am not sure what the standards are but I don't think some of my freshman could do this. It would require a lot of time for reading and writing. I don't mind the task I just don't know the standards."

Challenge 4 Answers

"I thought it was a fairly easy question, but I did not get question correct. So apparently, it is more difficult than I thought."

Challenge 5 Answers

"The current 3rd grade test has multiple choice questions with only 3 choices allowing every student a 33 1/3% chance of guessing correctly. This question removes much of the 'lucky guess.'"

Challenge 6 Answers

"It took me a minute to figure out what I was to do. But I liked that it was interactive and I just highlighted."

Challenge 7 Answers

"I liked this question, but I'm a geek like that."

Challenge 8 Answers

"They need stamina to stay with a multi-step question and to show their work and any equations. They also need to know the mathematics in order to answer all parts of the question."

Challenge 9 Answers

"Just the math know it or not."