We are Jump Roping for Life!!

Jump Rope For Life is scheduled for February 12-28th.

Jump Rope For Life Fundraiser...

is scheduled during our regular Jump Rope Unit we do during P.E. Doing the fundraising portion of it is completely voluntary. We will be having daily challenges, a One minute, Two minute, and a Three minute club to encourage kids to jump!! Jump ropes make a great Valentines Day gift, as well! I've included some links for registration, being HEART healthy, and just some general information!

If you would like to honor someone who has battled with heart disease,

check this link for templates that we will post in the gym during our unit! Doesn't matter if you are fundraising or not, we would like to honor or remember those people! Step 4 of ways to to help:


The Denver Nuggets and Jump Rope For Life

is offering discounted tickets to students who raise over $50. The game nights are March 15, and April 1st, 2018. Try link below, or search Jump Rope For Life and The Denver Nuggets! Tickets range from $23- $55.