"We were frightened, and kept touching our heads. Suddenly, our heads felt real empty." (pg.46)

Context: Titus and his friend's brains were "hacked" by a man at a party (something that would not happen if they did not have the Feed)

It captivated me when Titus said "our heads felt real empty" (46). Considering the overwhelming capabilities and knowledge of the Feed, I could only imagine that Titus' head would always feel busy and "loud". Its amusing that the one time Titus feels true emotion (fright), the Feed's purpose is lost, and instead he feels empty. It appears as if all the information and revelation available to Titus at that very moment was useless. For once he sees a glimpse of the dangers of the Feed. Even for just one second, this is the first time we witness Titus turn off the Feed and express real feelings from his own perspective. A subtly wonderful moment in the growth of Titus.

"Plus, they keep like everyone in the world employed, so it's not like we could do without them." (pg.49)

Context: Titus is explaining the dangers and benefits of the Feed

I chose this quote because it reminded me of a moment in the documentary True Cost. This movie shows the dangerous and unfair work conditions of those who make the clothing for North America in countries like China and Bangladesh. One part of the movie showed a corporate business man being interviewed about his opinion on these conditions; he said that the people are at least getting employed and that should be good enough for them. Just like in True Cost, Feed shows that the government and even the civilians of this society will disregard the consequences of the Feed because "they keep like everyone in the world employed." If Feed depicts our future, then we are a lot closer than we think.

The True Cost Official Trailer (2015) - Fashion Documentary HD