Electrical Energy is Essential!

Taking Control Over the Energy Available in the Universe

Energy 101: Electricity Generation

Non-Renewable Fuel Sources

Fossil fuels and nuclear power are both sources for electrical energy.

Fossil Fuels = Coal, Petroleum (Crude Oil), and Natural Gases

Nuclear = Uranium

These fuels are first converted to thermal energy!

The non-renewable fuel sources mentioned above and also biomass, are first converted to thermal energy.

Fossil fuels and biomass are burned to convert the stored chemical energy into thermal energy to heat water for the process.

Uranium atoms undergo nuclear fission, the splitting of the nucleus inside the atom, which converts the stored nuclear energy into thermal energy used to heat water too.

The videos below show how this happens - watch and visit these power plants!

Thermal Electricity - How it Works
Nuclear Power - How it Works

Renewable or Alternative Fuel Sources

Biomass fuels

Check out this video to learn more about what biofuels are and how we can use them to generate electrical energy for our needs. Do you think this is a sustainable option for energy generation?
Energy 101 | Biofuels

How does a geothermal power plant work?

Watch the silent video below, can you infer how geothermal power plants work?
Geothermal Energy

How does solar power work?

Check out the advertisement video below - can you understand how solar power works??
How does solar energy work

Wind Power

Wind turbines transform mechanical energy from wind into flowing electrical energy. It is like a huge turbine with spinning blades. Can you guess what is also inside this wind turbine that has to also spin in order to generate a flow of electrons?? Yes - magnets inside coiled wire = generator!
Energy 101: Wind Turbines

Hydroelectric Power

Harnessing the mechanical energy of moving water to spin turbines and generate electron flow. Check out the animation for an explanation of how a hydropower station works.
Hydro Power - Animation on how Hydro Power Works

How do electrons become electrical energy???

How Electrons Become Electricity