Julia Vishnesky and Gavin spicer

Mars is the 4th largest planet from the sun, and the 2nd smallest planet in the solar system. Mars is a reddish color which comes from iron oxide. Some of the gases in the atmosphere on mars is carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon.The atmosphere of mars is like venus mostly made up of carbon dioxide but far thinner.The temperature is -55 c.

They have polar ice caps, seasonal changes .Rocky planet and giant dunes. One day on mars is 24 hours and 40 min . It takes 24.6229 hours and 37 minutes to rotate on its axis. Mars has two moons.Mars gravitational pull is 62% lower than earth.

life on mars

In mars there are plenty of resorts,hotels,ect. One of the most famous resorts is called The rocky resort. It has bungee jumping on the highest volcano on mars called Olympic Mons, rock climbing, and more. Many of the houses are three stories and have a big back yard. Kids usually in their free time go rock climbing, and they love the rock slides at the kid play grounds. One very big tourist attraction is Hellas Planitia. It is the largest crater on mars. Also another tourist attraction is Olympic Mons which people bungee jump off of. Mars is a fun and exciting place to visit.

travling to mars

To get to mars people travel on a huge space craft called " noble 10 " it is like a big "bus" that people get on to go to mars. There is cabins,kitchen,and many other things for their trip to mars because it takes quite a while to get there. it takes 2 years to get to mars.