Canada 2060

By: Risal


In this article you will learn about three different topic. Such as Immigration treads, Population treads, and First Nation, Metis, and Inuit. In the immigration treads there will be things like how much people will immigrate to Canada, will they have a family immigrant or a business immigrant. For the Population treads the amount of people in Canada in 2060. For the First Nation, will the relationship between the First Nation and the people in Canada change.

Immigration Trends

Canada has a lot of things that other country don't have such as good healthcare, free education, jobs, and space to live in. I think that healthcare is really important because most country that don't have good healthcare are losing more people then gaining people. In Canada healthcare is really good and because of this lots people immigrate to Canada to study it.

Another reason way people will immigrate to Canada is that it has a free refugee pass. If you are a refugee then you can get into Canada for free and it help Canada to. Canada needs a lot of workers so the people that were refugees they are given a job and that job helps them and helps Canada. By doing so Canada has a good immigration rate and it has more people working so it helps build the country.

Canada is a really safe place to live and it tends to make people come to Canada. People want to live a safe live so they are come to Canada. After they come to Canada they are places to see and places they would like to live and Canada's tax rate is not so much making life much easy.

The people that are immigrating to Canada are a small amount of what will happen in the near future. In 2060 the immigration rate will increase by a huge amount. Right now the immigration rate to Canada is 250 000 people each year, but more people will immigrate to Canada because Canada is a multi culture country and because of this people tend to immigrate here.

Population Trends

The population growth rate will not increase greatly because the modern generation does not want more people because it cost more and the wife does work to so there is no one to take care of the kids.

In Canada the rate of seniors are increasing by a huge amount and by 2063 the population will become 50 to 63 million people in Canada. The number of people that will work in Canada will decrease by a lot making the population really low. Unless the people in Canada have another baby boomer event then the population will keep on decreasing. Canada has to depend on the amount of immigration and natural factors such as the birth and death rates.

If in the future Canada were to get a better relationship with the Aboriginal then the population would increase by a huge amount. The birth rate of Aboriginals are three times as much as the normal Canadians birth rate. If that happen then Canada would have a huge amount of people being born in Canada and the healthcare will improve even more making the death rate really low.

First Nation, Metis and Inuit

Right now the relationship between the First Nation and Canada is not so good because of what happen in the past. The Indian Act of 1876 was suppose to allow Aboriginals to walk free and have free land. They were suppose to live like kings but were treated like poor people on the street. They were not allowed to swim in pools and have lawyers. They were not allowed to vote and had to be govern when buying or sell anything.

In 2010 in Vancouver the Olympic Games were happening and the land they were using were Aboriginals land, they used it without permission from them. After a little time the people were getting mad and then the government had pay the Aboriginals money for the land. By doing so got a better relationship with them. If in the near future Aboriginal people were to come together with Canada then it would help Canada a lot.

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