How Advertising Affects Teens

By: Ashely Nagy & Daijhua Scott

Why teens?

Why do Ads cause low self-esteem in teenager. Ads manipulate into thinking that their product is either healthy, popular, or both. Advertisment use images of beauty to manipulate people into buying their product or clothing line.

The Effects of the Ads

We got problems

Teens think that they will become part of the group when they have the newest items on the market, this causes many teens around the world to get stressed out from the ads that are shown at any public place, or on the internet. This is a big problem because of the social struggles that are also placed with them, like if a girl in high school didn't have the new makeup or clothes, they would be criticized by their friends and all the people that see them even if it is not told to their face. "What's worse, many of these moments are captured seemingly unplanned, increasing kids' anxiety about "perfect"--but effortlessly so-- all the time". Overall they will continue to use this to get young teens to buy all the things they don't need but want to have in order to fit into the group.