Megan A.

4th Hr

At Home

I have a mom, dad, brother ,and a dog named Gunner

My Hobbies

In my free time i love to go shopping, water skiing, read, hanging out with friends, and other activities.

An Amazing Trip

When I went to San Antonio with my family I had a great time. We went to so many places and so much fun there. Some places we went to were the Alamo, good restaurants, took a boat ride, and went to a wax museum and got a hand wax of our own hand!


The sports I play are really fun and I enjoy playing them too.

Sydney, Australia

If I could take a trip anywhere in the world I would travel to Sydney. I would want to go there, because I want to learn how to surf and it is such a beautiful place to be.
Girl-Scout Cookies
How Animals Eat Their Food


This is me ice-skating and I am doing this in a spin.