Kindergarten Newsletter

March 22nd - 26th

What we're learning this week...

Phonics: Silent E (a_e, i_e, o_e, u_e)

Book: Chickens Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller

Reading Strategies: Understanding the role of the author and illustrator, using what we already know (schema) to make sense of new information, nonfiction text features, understanding the author's purpose

Math: Addition and subtraction word problems, numbers to 100, number handwriting practice, fluency of addition and subtraction within 10, partners of 10 (how to make 10)

Writing: Using a graphic organizer to organize our thinking, informational writing: how to writing, letter formation (handwriting practice), 5 star writing rubric (finger spaces, proper punctuation, capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, spelling sight words correctly, does my writing make sense?)

Social Studies: People and seasons

Science: Mystery Science – Force Olympics - How Can You Knock Down the Most Bowling Pins?

Religion: The Story of Easter, Stations of the Cross, who serves Jesus must follow Him, Eucharist, saints, Showing love, growing prayer

Social Skills: Following directions and asking permission

Virtue: Service

Social and Emotional Learning: identifying problems: children discuss the first two steps in solving problems (stop, talk) and practice identifying and stating problems presented in scenarios.

Big picture

Learning practice at home

Homework is optional in Kindergarten, but I would strongly encourage and suggest you take some time each night to choose one of the learning resources below and work with your child for 15-20 minutes. Need login info? Just let me know, and I am happy to send it! Please remember to read with your child each night, and give them plenty of opportunities to read texts at their reading level. Keep practicing sight words too!