Scheffer Truck Service

So it all started with a hobby. Way back when I was in school, those fancy cars, swift bikes always fascinated me (like any other guy). I always dreamt of owning one when I grow up but little that I realized that the destiny has surprises for everyone. Spending hours around in the shed, playing with various machinery tools to fix my old bicycle and gradually my motorbikes started being a routine. In the course of time, how passion can turn into profession is truly evident when I stand outside the gates Scheffer Truck Service and ponder over the amount of hard work me and my family have put into it. Although the passion did not limit itself to cars and now have gone beyond it. Nevertheless, the amount of dedication that the team at Scheffer Truck Service puts in is evident in our customers’ testimonials.

Scheffer Truck Service is a family owned (and run) and operated repair shop. Standing still at Cape Girardeau, MO, our ultimate aim is to get back our customers on track. All through these 67 years, the team at Scheffer Truck Service have made possible to tackle and fix all the wheelies that have hit our repair center and that too right away. Efficiency, hard work, and prompt service are our ideals that we have been adhering to since 67 years of combined experience and methodology. We do not offer 24x7 services. In fact our service hours are open 24x7x365 days a year.

At Scheffer Truck Service, we have a cluster of trained and professional ASE technicians that possess the ability to alter and sort any kind of malfunctioning in your truck. That eventually clears the next point that we provide services to all brands of trucks. Our customers are guaranteed roadside assistance, full service repair and so on. Moreover, the regular customers can avail a great discount at attractive prices too. You do not have to wait for long to get an appointment at Scheffer Truck Service. Just ring us or send us an e-mail regarding the booking and you are all set to go!

We also provide inspection of your trucks during which our technicians look for old, worn out parts that are further replaced with quality NAPA replacements.

The team at Scheffer Truck Service strives for excellence in the field of diesel repair. In addition, we morally treat our customers’ vehicles as our own. At Scheffer Truck Service, your trucks are in safe hands.