Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

November 13, 2015

Important Dates

Wear Red, White, and Blue

Tuesday, November 16th

Spelling test

Friday, November 20th


Friday, November 20th

Trimester 1 Report Cards

Friday, November 20th

No School

Monday, November 24th- Friday, November 28th


Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th


By: James


by James Policheri

This week in P.E., our class climbed the rock wall and practiced cup stacking. In music my class played a song game and it was boys against girls and it was a tie. In art we made a 3D project drawing lines.


By: Ben

For the newsletter I am doing Math because I love math. In math we are doing decimals and sometimes it is very hard. We added with them, we subtracted with them, and rounded with them. If you don’t know anything about decimals than it will be very hard for you. If you do it for about 2 weeks than it will be so easy like a piece of cake the time you leave 4th grade.


By: Hayley

First thing we did this week in reading is we read a play called Scene Two. Since it is a play we split up into groups of eight. My group was Anelly,Jonathan,Hudson,

Caden,Josh,Tessa,Noah,and,me. There were eight characters. I was Angie, Tessa was Jasmin, Anelly was Delores, Jonathan was Hap, Hudson was Mr.Brown, Josh was Kerry, Caden was Mitch, Noah was Mrs.Keller. They were fighting about which scene they were using. Then they figured out which scene they were doing.

The story we are reading is Fish In A Tree. This week is about the class president of Mr. Daniels class. Shay got picked also ally got picked. They had to pick who they wanted to pick for the class president for the class. Ally won for the class president. Shay was so made that she did not win the class president. When Ally won the people that voted for Ally gave her a thumbs up for what she said. I think that she will do what she said. I also think that Fish In A Tree Is a good book.

Social Studies

By:Anelly Johnson

This week in social studies we learned about the government and the three branches like the executive branch and the legislative branch and finally the judicial branch. We all had to write down the jobs that the branches do and how they make the country’s laws . The executive branch is where the the president carries out laws, the legislative branch is where the congress makes laws, the judicial branch is where the supreme court evaluates laws .We learned a new song about all the roles of the three branches, and we are trying to learn all the words of the song so we can get it stuck in our heads in the song they're talking about the the jobs and how they do it. In social studies were talking about they are important because they're the ones who write our laws so this country can be peaceful and calm and that’s what the three branches do and how they run their jobs.


by: Lilly Grosse

this week in writing we made free verse Poems about fall. We all first wrote down what we were writing about and describing them in different ways, then we got on google docs and started writing and made our poems. My poem was short but some of my classmates had really long ones. Most of them are about fall leaves and some are about foods. I enjoyed writing the free verse poem.