Prenatal Development


The 3 Stages Of Prenatal Development

Chacteristics Of The Germinal Stage

The Zygote Or Fertilized Egg Is Created

The Baby's Brain Has Begun To Form

The Baby's Spiral Cord Has Begun To Form

The Heart is Forming

The Baby's Arm And Leg Buds Begin To Appear

Chacteristics Of The Embroyonic Stage

All Major Organs And External Body Structures Have begun To Form

The Baby Has A Regular Heart Beat

The Arms And Legs Have Grown And Fingers And Toes Have Begun To Form

Eyes Have Moved Forwared On The Face And Eyelids Have Formed

The Umbilical Cord Is Visible.

Characteristics Of The Fetal Stage

The Nerves And Muscles Begin To Work Together

Muscle Tissus And Bones Continue To Forn

Skin Begins To Form

Meconium Develops in The Baby's Intestinal Track

The Baby Makes Sucking Motions With Its Mouth

Five Things You Should Do For A Healthy Pregnancy

Get Early Prenatal Care-Call Your Healthcare Provider Right Away

Watch What You Eat-You Only Need About 300 Extra Calories

Exericse Regulary-This Will Give You Strength To Carry The Baby

Say No To Alcohol-This Can Cause Health Problems For Your Baby

Cut Back On Caffeine-This May Cause A Miscarriage

Five Symptoms You May Experience During Pregnancy

The Nesting Instinct- The Urge To prepare The Home For The Baby

Mood Swings-Your Hormones May Fluctuate

Bra Size-Your Bra Size May Increase

Skin-Your Skin Will Stretch To Accomodate For The Larger Body

Hair ANd Nails-Your Hair And Nails Will Grow Faster During Pregnancy